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Trollbeads Gallery Has New Starter Bracelets from TrollbeadsU.S.!!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Jul 02, 2010 @ 18:07 PM
15 115 Elegant Affair L 

For a few years now Trollbeads has offered “Starter Bracelets”.  What are starter bracelets? They are just that, a group of bracelets with a start, beads chosen to be used together to create a visually engaging “starter” bracelet.  For many men and even woman, the thought of starting a Trollbeads bracelet can sometimes be daunting and by offering these starter bracelets, Trollbeads has been offering anyone who chose it, a jump start. These Trollbeads bracelets have always proven to be the perfect gift. Perfect because not only are you giving a great gift, you are also assuring that you will always know what to give as a gift going forward...Trollbeads!

As new beads have been introduced into the Troll line and as other older Trollbeads have been retired, it came time to introduce a whole new exciting set of starter bracelets! Seven different color themes and seven different bead themes. Follow the links and take a look. Here they are! 

The seven brand new starter bracelets are:

Elegant Affair

Fall Fashion


Pretty in Pink

Sea Grass

The Shore 

As you look at each design think of the people you know and match them to a bracelet, it’s a well rounded group, isn’t it?

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