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Trollbeads Best Money Saving Deal Ever!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 15:12 PM

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A Great Christmas Gift Idea - one that keeps on giving!

The new starter bracelets are so exciting and we have many in stock just waiting for you to jump in on the action and become involved with this awesome Trollbeads endeavor! It's up to you, the true collector so continue reading and do your part! 

  Have you read about Trollbeads "Joy and Luck" Starter Bracelets or seen them anywhere? If not you will want to read this blog. Each one of the six colors have special meanings and who doesn't love polka-dots? 

 Each Starter Bracelet is priced at $99 you save $60! Included is a chain, a clasp, a Lucky Knot silver bead and a glass bead! Now that is one amazing deal!

These new Starter Bracelets have been designed and specially priced to introduce new collectors to the Trollbeads collection!

As many of you know Trollbeads was the original bead brand and came into being 36 years ago. Today the company remains true to their mantra and continues to maintain a level of artistry not seen in any of the other bead brands that have come into being utilizing the Trollbeads concept. Trollbeads works with the best materials available and maintains a level of doing business that demonstrates their core of high standards. Their humanitarian efforts are deep and committed by creating jobs in parts of the world desperate for gainful employment and giving these people in need individual purpose. How have they managed to stay at this optimal level?  They've done it by being a family owned business and it's this aspect that keeps Trollbeads so special. It's the owners commitment to their company and their people that makes this brand so special. It's this closeness that trickles down to all of the collectors through out the world that puts this brand so far above the competition.  It's not about volume and it's not about trying to be the biggest.  It's about connection and the stuff that keeps people together.  Think of yourself as the chain and and as you collect your beads you are  collecting those near and dear to you to become a part of your Trollbeads collection. Think about it - how many of your beads represent a loved one in your life? So many times I see photos on Trollbeads Gallery Forum of people from all over the world getting together through a friendship they have formed through Trollbeads alone. I see it during Trollbeads Fest and am always awed by it. It's a remarkable connection.

If you are reading this blog then you are a Trollbeads collector and please ask yourself who can I share this with?  Why not share what you love and bring joy and luck to your friends by either telling them about this deal or by purchasing one for them giving them the most thoughtful holiday gift ever?  Not only are you opening your heart but you are opening their world to something you enjoy and love. It will strengthen the connection you already have and it could add a depth not there before. Life is all about connection.  If it is more appropriate for you to go in with a friend then find another friend who loves Trollbeads to share the cost with! 

A quick list of ideas of who you can give the starter bracelet to (to get you thinking):

1.Go in with friends at work to give one to a co-worker or start a Trollbeads club at work!

2.Your Mother or Mother in law- then your family will always have gift ideas!

3.Your sister -just imagine the fun you can have traveling buying Trollbeads together!

4.Your daughter-no matter how young starting a collection now to offer later is meaningful.

5.Your husband or brother-we have many men collecting and wearing Trollbeads.

6.Your hairdresser-you can compare and talk beads with each haircut!

7. Your child's teacher-make this a group gift!

8. A sick friend -just imagine the joy this could bring them!

If you have other suggestions please let me know! I will add to this list and it will be fun to see the ideas!

There's no better feeling at the holidays then sharing so I would like to take it one step further and include Trollbeads gifts to be sent with the bracelet when you buy one for a friend AND for following up on this challenge we have a gift for you of a $10 TBG Gift Certificate. Please help us share the incomparable history and beauty of Trollbeads to others. To qualify for this extra group of gifts the Starter Bracelet must be sent directly to the recipient and we will gift wrap it and enclose a note from you.  Along with this bracelet they will receive the following:

1. Trollbeads Mood Book ($5.00 Value)

2. Trollbeads Memory Book ($15.00 Value and TBUS is sold out)

3. Trollbeads Catalog and Inspiration Brochures

4. Trollbeads Bumper Sticker (a TBG original)

Click here to order!  Trollbeads Starter Bracelets

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