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Trollbeads Trunk Show Nov 14-18!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 11, 2013 @ 14:11 PM

Gold Bangle Small 113It's Party Time!!

 When we decided on the dates for our Winter trunk show we kept you, the collectors in mind.  Yes it is somewhat close to our Fall trunk show but we wanted it far enough in front of the holiday shopping time that you would still feel compelled and comfortable enough to indulge your own collecting needs but at the same time if you did want to purchase Trollbeads as gifts that can happen too!  I love to give away beads so get shopping!  As many of you know you Purchase 3 beads to receive the 4th one free.  The free bead has to be less or equal to the value of the lowest priced bead you are buying.  There is no limit to the offer so get busy!  We are ready!

The photo above shows the new Golden Bangle just release by Trollbeads in the Winter release. Click on this link to see it.  It has been very popular and here you can see two of the limited edition Daydream Blossom beads.  To take advantage of the Trunk show and add some of the new Winter release to your collection follow this link! Holiday Collection 2013.

If you have been following my activity on our very popular Trollbeads Gallery Forum then you are aware of the 4 very special limited edition glass beads that Trollbeads created for the U.S. market.  The 3 armadillos and the Daydream Blossom.  All of these limited edition beads are only $31.00 and are all very worthy of being added to your collection.  Limited Edition Beads. Click here to order for the Trunk Show.  Besides these beads we have added our Mini Unique Beads category since the last trunk show and hope you will look through these beads!  As always we will be adding many Unique Trollbeads through out this week because you can already pre-purchase for the event.  I have been very busy adding unique beads and will continue to do so.  We just got in a great group of new uniques and will try to get them all listed!  One other category our Trollbeads Gallery is well known for is our Trollbeads With A Twist.  This category offers regular glass Trollbeads that I individually photograph so you can see the bead you are ordering.  I started this category to highlight glass beads that were always different in appearance and while I still hunt for those unique renditions I also photograph beads that are a perfect example of what they are meant to be.  The Trollbeads Amethyst - or any stone bead is a perfect example to purchase this way.  I know from talking to Trollbeads collectors though the years it is very hard to purchase on line if you can't see what you are buying.  While Trollbeads With a Twist is a labor of love we have many customers who check it out daily just to see what is new.  Just recently we offered up 2 absolutely perfect Rubies and two perfect dark blue Sapphires.  It's worth the time to check it out when you can.  I will be adding beads here too through out Trunk Show week so buy any to reserve and then we will figure out your free beads at the end of the event.  Trollbeads Gallery has always been a great website to find the unusual and we will always try to offer you the best we can.

World Tour Beads collage

Another treat we have added for this event is the new addition of the World Trade Trollbeads we had been sold out of before.  Favorites like the Hong Kong Skyline, Mahjong, the Beetle, Viking Ship and the lovely African Pride Lion are now once again available for a short time.  As always I think I have over purchased but the word is out and the beads are selling well so jump in and see what we have and order up.  Again we can figure out your free beads when the event is over or you can figure them out yourself and add them in the notes section as you check out.

A special treat we are offering our Trunk Show customers is a free gift with purchase!  Unique to only Trollbeads Gallery if you purchase a total of 4 unique Trollbeads you may choose from a collection of 5 Dangles. These have a retail value of $45.00 and are made by me with artisan glass beads and there is one with a fresh water pearl.  Quantities are limited so let us know your selection in your order notes!Dangles for Trunk show        A brief description is all that is needed. Now go order up some yummy uniques and get a free Dangle!

-Louise Rogers









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2013 People's Bead Release Coincides With Trunk Show!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Fri, Sep 27, 2013 @ 12:09 PM


'Peoples Bead Bracelet

2013 People's Bead Release is now on-line to view and on October 4th to purchase!

I am hoping the title of this blog drew your attention.  In the many years I have been a Trollbeads dealer I have never been able to time my Trunk Shows to align with a Trollbeads bead release so I am very excited about this coincidental occurrence!  Trollbeads Trunk Shows are the best way possible to buy beads as you get the best and only deals now available. Our Trunk Show was only scheduled when I decided to hold a mini Trollbeads Fest 2013! and the weekend most people could attend was October 4 & 5.  So although I wish I could say it was my fine business acumen that planned it this way, it was not. Just good timing for collectors.   While the Fest is only on Friday October 4th and Saturday October 5th the Trunk Show continues on-line through Sunday and all day Monday.  Trunk Shows last four days while I personally can only last two days at Trollbeads Fest!

During this time I hope to be listing many, many Unique Trollbeads as I just received an order of 300 unique bead kits...with an invoice that totaled exactly what my first house cost! So while I am dividing the goods between my loyal website customers who can't travel to the Fest and for those who are me there is more than enough to go around.  If I have whetted your appetite to attend...check out last minute air fares as they can be affordable and there are plenty reasonable places to stay! We are within an hour of Boston and Providence so we are easy to get to! For more information on the Fest read the blog prior to this one!

2013 pb close up 03 tb slid

The 2013 People's Bead Winners are a great group of designs chosen from a field of thousands of entries.  When the People's Bead contest started there was only one bead chosen but in the last two contests there have been multiple winners with designs created with a theme defined by Trollbeads.  This year it was based on Traditional Sayings.  There were so many great entries as you can imagine with all the colorful traditional sayings around the world. 

I have to say they are all worthy additions to the Trollbeads line. I am particularly fond of the Books because I collect books, I love the Acorn bead because I love acorns and have them as a logo for my other store Surroundings and I could go on and on about every new People's Bead but you can go see for yourself right now.  What I think I am saying here is they are beads that will strike a universal cord with many and I am very excited about this release! So look on Trollbeads Gallery next week at this time and you will see all eleven 2013 People's Beads and when you purchase them in the note section indicate the beads you have earned free!  Most of you know this but when you buy three beads the fourth bead has to be equal to or less than the lowest of the three you are buying.  So group them to give yourself the most value.  For example if you buy 3 beads at $43.00 chose a free bead at $43.00 even though you can chose a free $31.00 bead.  It's common sense but it is still confusing! If you want to place your order earlier than the weekend you can but just write in the notes "Trunk Show" or email us your order (especially is you want the People's beads as these are not available for sale yet, although on line) and we'll have the beads all set aside for you.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at Trollbeads Fest! 2013.

Call Toll Free 888-758-3641 or email


2013 Peoples Close books






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Trollbeads Summer Trunk Show Dates Announced !

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

Trollbeads Gallery 715 

Trollbeads Gallery

Summer Trunk Show!

August 9, 10, & 11, 2013

Save the dates!!!




I have chosen this Trollbeads bracelet to open this blog about our Trollbeads Gallery Summer Trollbeads Trunk Show for a reason!  As with all Trollbeads Trunk Shows when you buy 3 Trollbeads you get the 4th of equal or less value for FREE.  So imagine buying 3 of the beautiful faceted Precious Stone Trollbeads to go towards creating this stunning bracelet and receiving the 4th bead free...that is a free $63.00 bead!  I also adore the Cells Trollbead for a spacer bead with the beads are larger like the faceted Trollbead stones are. You can buy 3 Cells beads and get the 4th free.  I just like to inspire your collecting juices! 

Besides the "buy 3 get 1 free" special we will be offering the following extra deals for you!

-Buy a Trollbeads Bangle and receive 2 FREE Trollbeads stoppers. Save $40.00!*

-Buy a gold Trollbead and receive $100 off. Receive $50 off Gold/Silver combination Trollbeads!   Gold Special starts at beads with a retail price of over $500 and the combination silver/gold beads at $250.00.

As always we will be offering gifts at different levels of purchase...stay tuned for an update here or for look for our email!

*If you haven't purchased a Trollbeads Bangle yet or haven't even considered it yet please take a moment and look at our Pinterest Board of Bangle Inspirations. (click for link). Many of the photos are from our own Trollbeads Gallery Forum member photos.

You can't imagine how handy it is to have a bangle when you are short of time and want something sensational to wear out at the last minuteIf you don't want to check out our Pinterest Board at least check out a few photos I have below.  They are fun, fast and they'll inpsire your creativity.  There are 4 sizes and if you click here you can read about the sizing and select the right size for you or you can call out toll free number and talk to us!  Treat yourself to something new this Trunk Show!  888-758-3641.

If you haven't joined the Trollbeads Gallery Forum yet...please do it now!  We will be having more bracelet challenges like the July 4th Bracelet challenge we had where 4 Trollbeads were given as awards.  It's fun, educational and rewarding! We would love to see you there! Join  3700 other Trollbeads enthusiasts and see 24,000 Trollbeads inspiring photographs all here!

Trollbeads Gallery Forum Join us!!


describe the imageThis blue & white Bangle design features 3 blue and white Unique Trollbeads and the new Silver Urchin Trollbead. There are so many unique beads you may all have that aren't on a bracelet right use them on a Bangle!



Bangle with Triple Pearl Wearing a single yet sensational bead like the Triple Pearl Trollbead makes a sophisticated statement especially for our lighter Summer outfits!




Bangle Daisy Trollbeads 35 

The Gold/Silver Daisy Trollbead is the center bead of this Bangle design and with the contrasting Gold stoppers book ending the design the Prisms between are light and airy.  If you buy the Silver/Gold Daisy bead during the Trunk Show you will only pay $295.00, saving $50.00.




Royal Orange Bangle 411

Here I had some fun with the limited edition Royal Orange Trollbead along with Gold Berry Trollbeads and the Gold & Diamond Bougainvillea Trollbead. The Royal Orange was a very small release and we still have a few at Trollbeads Gallery.

If you like the Berry bead but like silver better...we still have some of the retired Silver Berry Trollbeads available too!


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Trollbeads Gallery Trunk Show April 25-29

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 20:04 PM

Trollbeads Gallery Bangle April Event: Trollbeads Gallery Trunk Show

When: April 25 - April 29, 2013

Where: Trollbeads Gallery & Rogers Gallery

Why: To save you money!

How: Call our Toll Free Number

1-888-758-3641  OR

Place your order on line and simply state in the "notes" section the Trollbeads you would like free! 

In other words you pay for the first 3 and the 4th bead (which needs to be equal to or less then the beads you are buying) will be free and this is the bead you write into the note section.

Now is the time to start your list of all those new Trollbeads you've been wanting to get!  Why?  Because Trollbeads Gallery is having their Mother's Day Trunk Show on April 25th,26th,27th and 29th!  You can buy any 3 Trollbeads and receive the 4th bead free!* Not only that we are also offering Free Gifts with Purchase on two purchase levels.* The Trunk Shows are the only time we are permitted to offer our customers the specials we are offering now.  So please take advantage of it!

This is an event many collectors look forward to so they can purchase any new beads or even the beads they still need to catch up on while enjoying considerable savings and getting great free gifts!

We've been hosting Trunk Shows for years and years and it's a happy time for all of us here at Trollbeads Gallery and Rogers Gallery so get in the swing of things and check out our website to start your list! Trollbeads Gallery.

We would suggest you look at the following categories just to wet your whistle while we sharpen our pencils! There are too many categories to mention but surf around and look at all of our offerings!

Trollbeads Retired Beads: We have always been known to offer the most varied and most in-depth selection of retired beads...but as Trollbeads increases in popularity we are finding our stocks are dwindling and once a Trollbead has been retired it is gone! The more current the retirement the better the availability but the older ones are definitely low in stock! 

New Trollbeads: The most recent release "The 2013 Spring Trollbeads" is one of the all time best ever.  Especially if you happen to love the beach...and the various beach themes.  The "Happy Summer" Kit below is just a sampling of two new glas bead kits from Trollbeads.  Each of the beads below create stunning bracelets when used with other Trollbeads. Bleow you can see a few of the "Happy Summer" glass beads along with the best selling Big Butterfly.  We adore the Big Butterfly on the new Bangle Bracelet also.  The Bangle Bracelet is highlighted in the photo above with unique Heart Trollbeads and the new Swarm of Butterflies.

Trollbeads Gallery Butterfl

The newest 2 Faceted Stone beads to join the line are Ruby Rock which was released with the Mother's Day Release and the very popular Agate Dendritic which is to the left of the Big Butterfly on the bracelet shown above!  This bead is a nice neutral bead in whites and greys and can be used with so many other beads.  The stone beads are so popular because the facets always catch the light, as you can see it does above, and catches your eye at the same time!

The Deals and Steals!:

Purchase any 3 Trollbeads receive 4th Free!

Receive a gift of the New Stackable Travel Case for Orders over $250 (shown below)

Receive above gift and a gift of one of the following rare Retired Trollbeads* for orders over $550

*Two Trolls, Mink, King and Queen,The Elf Bead, Zig Zag, Eight Faces, White Pearl Drop,

Pink Pearl Drop,  Black Pearl Drop

*(while supplies last)

Traveler Stackable Bronze Jewelry Box



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