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Meet Trollbeads Designer Mette Saabye!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 18:04 PM

Metta Saabye Trollbeads 

Please note that the blog has been changed to reflect the "future" date of this release.  We had jumped the gun on this release believing it was April 1st! 

On April 19th Trollbeads will introduce a brand new collection of jewelry by Mette Saabye.  Mette has been one of Trollbeads bead designers for many years and in this introduction Trollbeads gives us a whole new direction of jewelry! 

Like many of the Trollbeads designers Mette is an artist and jewelry designer her in own right and has her own avid collectors.  They visit her here at her studio and follow her jewelry through her shows at galleries and museums. Many of her pieces are considered avant garde and extremely artful and for the first time she has designed a group of "Elderberry Designs" jewelry including rings, a brooch and earrings for Trollbeads to include in their line.

Her fresh designs and fresh attitude is probably what attracted Lise Aagaard to Mette from the beginning.  Mette has a style that is all her own and with the jewelry just released we can see how Lise was attracted to her artistry and flair. It's easy to see Mette's personality in her designs and if you've been lucky enough to ever meet her you can see her warm smile come shining through the flowers in these new pieces she has so painstakingly created.

The new Mette Saabye Trollbeads jewelry collection consists of eight pieces with half of the pieces being her stylish rings. The will be offered in five sizes.  The other rings offered are a smaller scale.  My favorite of all the pieces are the earrings which range in size and in style. There is even a pair of clips offered and let me tell you if you don't have your ears pierced it is very difficult to find clips these days! The most simple of the earsticks otherwise known as posts and are quite affordable and very sweet with one flower.  The larger pair offered have a "bunch" of three flowers and each flower has a 18K gold center.  This is my favorite pair and one I will purchase for my own use.  The largest pair are the ear clips and are called "Elderflowers Earclips". This is a grouping of six flowers around a center flower and all of these flowers have the 18K gold center also.  Earrings this size are always very flattering and the clips allow the larger earrings to sit on your ear in the best position regardless if your ears are pierced or not. To see the whole collecton visit Trollbeads Gallery on April 19!

The creme de la creme is the Elderflowers Brooch!  A stylish statement piece that many of our wardrobes are missing!  The brooch is over two inches in diameter and looks like a bed of "sweet william" flowers, growing altogether.  It is quite dramatic and beautiful.  The photo below is a Trollbeads model wearing Mette's pieces. I am sure we would all look as beautiful if we were to wear the pieces as well...but isn't the brooch stunning?  Congratulations to Mette for having her designs selected and thank you to Lise at Trollbeads for stepping outside of the "bead" box to produce this line.

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A while ago I was very fortunate to travel to Denmark to work on a project and had the privilege of visiting Mette in her own studio in Copenhagen.  I have to tell you she is just as lovely in person as she is in her photographs.  Mette's studio is tiny and magical with walls finished in gold leaf making the studio seem like a gem itself.  When you are in it you feel like you're in a special treasure box surrounded by fascinating jewelry created by Mette and a small selection of other very talented jewelry designers. Behind the viewing area there is a small design and workroom where Mette and her assistant work with complete with all the jewelry tools you can imagine.  It was so much fun to see it all - the beauty of the front and functionality of the workshop.

When you see the jewelry created by Trollbeads designers I think it's fascinating to see if you can discover what of their style or themes come out in the Trollbeads they have designed.  If you have the Coffee Table Trollbeads book you have already been able to see this but being in Mette's studio was a special treat for me trying to see the relationship between her own jewelry pieces and the that of her bead designs for Trollbeads.

The special photos below were taken on my visit.  You can see from the outside view just how dear the studio is and how it was decorated for the holidays.  Below the outside view is a photo of her studio and the jewelry cases next to a photo of Mette laughing and enjoying herself.

Mette%27s exterior

    Mette Saabye Studio

Mette%27s shop

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