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The NEW Summer 2016 Trollbeads are Here!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, May 31, 2016 @ 15:05 PM

Greetings all!

We have just released the 2016 Trollbeads Summer Collection and while small in numbers, it is huge in impact! We have been so thrilled with the response to all of the beads but the "Deep Ocean" bead is a home run!  A ground breaking design in its size and with its design!  I am very excited and truly hope this style bead will be the start of new limited edition beads!



13259001_1620052758313611_1167328154_n1.jpgIn the photo above you can see the details of the Deep Ocean bead in the sun.  It looks like the Caribbean!  Next to it on either side are the Lotus Top Beads.  The Lotus top bead when used in pairs is a great way to highlight a bead.  I have become quite fond of them and I am even ordering them in gold!  Next to the Lotus Top beads are the Swim Fins and the Flip Flop beads.  They pair so well with the Deep Ocean in theme that of course I used them and they are a part of the new Summer collection also! The outside stone beads are Amazonite Beads and also go so well with the Deep Ocean bead.


Special Fantasy Necklace Pricing!  

Above is the Deep Ocean Bead on a Fantasy Necklace! 

For anyone who purchased the "Deep Ocean" bead they are entitled to a 25% savings on any one Fantasy Necklace!  This is a perfect time to promote the purchase of a Fantasy Necklace as the "Deep Ocean" bead is perfect on it!  We have had many collectors take advantage of this special because even if they already have a Fantasy Necklace they have always wanted a different one and couldn't justify it.  Well here is your justification!  25% off!!!   

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already purchased your Deep Ocean Bead and want a Fantasy Necklace please email us or call us.  The discount only takes place while you are placing your Deep Ocean order.  We will be sending out your orders at the end of the week so you have time to add to it!  The sale even includes the Gold Fantasy Necklaces!!  When you order a Fantasy Necklace please note that the 23" Fantasy Necklace is too small to fit this bead on and pull it over your head,  there is no lock on a Fantasy Necklace so you need to pull it over your head!  The most popular sizes are 31" and 35".  If you don't have one yet, now is your chance.  They are as easy as a Bangle as far as switching out beads each morning! 

I should also mention that the "Deep Ocean" bead does not fit on the Trollbeads Bangle.  The core is too long to take the Bangle's curve. 

The 3 other Summer Release Beads and NEW Lock:

The Swim Fins and the Flip Flops are both $31.00 and the Power Runners are $46.00.  The Fish Lock is $54.00.  Summer is here and it's time to make a splash! 



NEW For Trollbeads Gallery...and Louise! 

We are now on Instagram.  We hope if you are then you will join us.  I have been posting inspiring photos of Trollbeads and love the challenge of coming up with new images everyday!  It is a lot of fun! 

It will also benefit your collection because you will see beads I am about to list and if you contact me first there is a chance you can buy it!  I have a customer in Korea that found a fish bead through it, see Fantasy Necklace Photo above.  She contacted me and now it is hers!   

On Instagram search for  Trollbeads Gallery or click on this link!  Below are just a few of the images!! 

You will notice I am quite fond of the ease of using the Trollbeads Bangleas it is so quick to change and so easy!

 If you don't have one, you need to treat yourself now!Large_Instagram_Collage.jpg



Please join us on theTrollbeads Gallery Forum!  It's a delightful group of enthusiastic Trollies and they love to share Trollbeads photo!  There are now 32,000 photos and that continues to grow daily!  It's always interesting to see the collectors bracelets from around the world!  

 PS: Here is a secret!  To say thank you for your business and for your "Deep Ocean" order I will  be including a small baggie including a piece of sea glass, a shell and sand from my own collections. (Bowl not included)



NEW Trollbeads and A Great NEW Gift With Purchase!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Apr 23, 2016 @ 14:04 PM

Greetings All!


There are so much powerful and exciting new things to talk about on Trollbeads that I don’t even know where to start!  Let me start with the information on the great new “Gift With Purchase”.  If you spend $150 on anything Trollbeads from now until May 8th you will receive a Trollbeads Key Chain which comes with a Trollbeads Universal Unique Bead!  Photo below!  Please note that the bead in non-exchangeable.  It is meant to be a very colorful accent on a Key Ring.  The gray suede tassel is nice and neutral and the Trollbeads tag is a great quality metal.  Limited Quantities.

If you are going to look around on Trollbeads Gallery to see what you can buy for $150 you can check out our brand new"Finished Jewelry" page where you will find great deals on a few of the items.  This is a new page category for us and I hope you like it!  We just got 2 older favorite starter bracelets in, the Stories of You Bracelet and the Aurora Bangle!  The Aurora Bangle is an important release as it was the first bead Trollbeads created with the Aurora glass. The Green Lover's Faith Bracelet shown above is listed these!




The next HUGE news is the "soon to be released" group of decorative Spacers.  The Spacers are similar to our Stoppers but have a more friendly name.  Would you like to be spaced or stopped?  I'd rather be spaced so that's what these great new items are called!  That's my theory anyway.  There are 7 individual designs and all have the black rubber interior that grabs the chain to act as a stopper!  You will have a world of possibilities to use these with your beads, bangles, chains, necklaces and Fantasy Necklaces!  We have been asking for "decorative stoppers" for years and these Spacers have made many collectors happy and looking forward to their arrival!  Prices start at $31.00. 

Look for them on Trollbeads Gallery on May 6th!!  Shipping begins on the 13th!  Photo Below! 

The next newest exciting release has already been discussed about but it is a huge and quite extraordinary bead, “Deep Ocean”.  We are taking pre-reservations so if you would like to have us reserve one for you please email me at   It is a ground breaking bead for Trollbeads as it is large and looks like you’re looking in at an aquarium!  The vibrant colors and interior “water” bubbles look so authentic.  There is a remarkable art glass artist Josh Simpson who created paperweights that look like small universes and this bead reminds me of his work!   I can see this on a Fantasy Necklace with other sea themed beads!  Hmmm, speaking of Sea themed beads we will be announcing the Summer release very soon!




A GREAT Trollbeads SALE Starts April 1st!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 30, 2016 @ 12:03 PM


Yes!  Trollbeads collectors everywhere are anxiously waiting for the most popular sale Trollbeads has.  We are excited about it too and we have been and still will be adding unique beads to our website everyday during the sale.  If you are new to Trollbeads and new to Trollbeads sales let me tell you what it is all about and what Trollbeads Gallery can offer you for this sale! 

The Buy 3 Get 1 Free is just that!  You can purchase any group of 3 beads and receive a 4th bead free of equal value or of less value.  The BEST part is that there is no limit to the quantity of beads you can purchase.  To make this sale work best for you group your beads in groups of 4 and keep them to the same value.  To clarify this let me give you a couple of examples.

If you plan on purchasing three faceted stone beads at $63.00 you qualify for a fourth bead free but to make this sale work best for you choose another $63.00 bead. You can choose any bead at that price or lower but if you want your fourth bead to be a $31.00 bead, you can but you don't get the best bang for your buck!  

If you purchase an Amber Kit at $235.00 that is actually considered 6 beads at $39.00 each so you will qualify for one extra bead with a value of $39.00 or less.  If you chose to purchase additional beads you obviously can and will quality for more free beads.  If you purchase any of our Amber trios it quite simply will qualify you for a fourth bead free.  Unique Amber Kits.  Trollbeads Amber is a remarkable product from Trollbeads.  Unique Amber Trollbeads are created from 55 million year old amber. If you look at the lighter amber beads you can actually see 55 million year old debris!  How cool is that? Besides it is all beautiful!  If you are starting your Trollbeads Amber collection just know that a wide variety of bead size, shape and color will make the most interesting amber jewelry.


Trollbeads Gallery has two categories of beads that are individual beads listed by the actual bead.  Our category    of Unique Beads and our Trollbeads With A Twist. With A Twist.  If the fourth bead you chose to be free comes from either of these two categories it would be best if you purchase it at the time of your order to make sure you get it and then we will credit you back the money for the bead.  Unique Beads move fast during a sale and we don't want you to lose it if not purchased.  

If you are new to Trollbeads Gallery let me tell you about "Trollbeads With A Twist With A Twist".  This is the category where we photograph and list each and every glass and stone Trollbeads so as a website customer you can see the actual bead you will be getting if you order it. We have chosen beads that tend to change from bead to bead. We recognized the difficulty of choosing a bead without seeing it first and we are the only website offering this service. Each of these beads has a number and that is the one you will get if you purchase it.  If you check the page and see a bead is out of stock, check back as I try to keep them in stock!

Back to Basics!  If you are purchasing regular Trollbeads (as in not unique and twist) you only have to purchase your 3 beads and write in the notes section, at time of check out, your free bead selection. 

There are many great new beads to add to your collection at this time!  The 2016 Spring Collection has great silver beads and glass beads.  The 2016 Mother's Day Collection has also given us both a beautiful new silver bead and faceted bead. This is a perfect time to update your Trollbeads collection!  The beads shown below can be found in both new collections! 



It is important to note on Trollbeads Gallery and that is we are all about service. For 10 years we have been known as the most trusted source for Trollbeads in the U.S.  Please call us if you have any questions or would rather give us your order over the phone.  If you are worried about placing an order on line please know we have the best and most secure website available. 

Beads above: Lover's Faith, Violet Stripe, Apple Blossom, Wise Bamboo, Soft Winds of Change.

We can be reached toll-free at 888-758-3641.  

Happy Spring and Happy Sale!! 

Louise Rogers 

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2016 Trollbeads Mother's Day Release is Here!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Feb 09, 2016 @ 13:02 PM


We are so excited to be writing about the newest release from Trollbeads!  The 2016 Mother's Day Trollbeads Collection has been released and will begin shipping February 15th.  It is all on our website so you can order early and be the first to enjoy these great additions.  In the release are one gorgeous faceted glass bead, a sterling silver Fantasy pendant and a brand new Fantasy Necklace with a Rose Pearl!  Three great additions to the Trollbeads collection.

The Pink Delight Facet is a glorious faceted glass bead with glitter sparkle over a pink base with a color that goes from light to dark.  With the varying sparkle and the varying pink tone each bead is slightly different and unique! You will find that there are many glass Trollbeads that will work well with this bead including many of the glass beads introduced with the 2016 Spring Trollbeads Collection.  The Spring Collection brought us many pastel beads which will look great with the new Mother's day Pink Facet Delight.

The sterling silver Fantasy Pendant, Apple Blossom Delight is a deligthfully dimensional and textural pendant.   Like many of the Fantasy pendants it can also be used very successfully on a Trollbeads bracelet chain.  A great example is below.  I have enjoyed wearing pendants on a short necklace featuring the larger faceted stone beads with them.  


The NEW Fantasy Pearl Necklace has a soft and lovely Rose Pearl.  Each pearl seems to have a slightly different tone and each one is unique and beautiful.  The slight tonal changes shows how natural the pearls are.  Available in the 7 sizes the original Pearl Fantasy Pearl necklaces.  If this is your first Fantasy Necklace, to help you chose the right size, you may want to take a string and cut it the size you think you might want and knot it so it is one complete loop.   You can even try tying a button to the end and try threading beads on it, the button end being the pearl end.  It will give you a good chance to see how much you can do with it.  The smallest size is the least popular size as depending on your head size it is hard to put more than one bead on it.  If you love the look of the necklace for just the pearl and don't want to hear beads on it, then maybe the 23" is fine.  Just know that the longer the Fantasy Necklace, the more you can do with it and the more Trollbeads you can wear on it!  The most popular size is the 35".  

Below is an image I took with four of the new Rose Pearl Fantasy Necklaces.  As you can see the tones are all beautiful and a bit different from each other.  We have seen variety in the Pink Pearl Bead but not quite as much as we see here.  I am very excited about this new Fantasy Necklace.  If you haven't treated yourself to a Fantasy Necklace should.  I wear mine everyday and I only change one or two beads to create a custom look for each of my outfits. 


As with all Trollbeads releases which are listed a week before the actual release, the Mother's Day Trollbeads will be in store and shipping to you on February 15th. 

If you feel like letting us know what you think of this new release please do so! 


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Have You Checked Out Our New Trollbeads Valentine's Category?

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Feb 03, 2016 @ 11:02 AM




Trollbeads Valentine Beads

There is still time to create your Valentine's Trollbeads bracelet and we have a category JUST for that!  This is a handy reference for you to check out beads you may already have to create a dynamic Valentine's design or you may want to purchase either a red unique bead or a silver heart bead.  What we have listed will show you all Trollbeads you can use for this fun design.  

With the great red beads in the Trollbeads line and with the available red Unique Beads, I have listed in this Valentine category you will have many other uses for them beyond February 14!  There are three holidays you will find red beads handy to have for Trollbeads designs.  You can use them next on July 4th and then for your Christmas designs.  So don't think of a red bead as something you can only use once a year.  As far as heart uniques go we are very low.  For one reason there were not many heart uniques created in 2015 and if you know my holiday listings they are something I save for all year.  Fortunately we still have the "Love Symphony" beads from last year's limited edition release available but we don't have a lot left.  They are a kit of beautiful glass heart beads.  We are also offering them individually.  Featured below!


There are two new Valentine Beads for 2016, one glass and one silver. Below I am showing the new glass bead, Heart Bloom Bead and the new silver heart bead, Heart Rhythm Bead, but in two images to fully see the bead.


Besides the actual beads there are also a few Pendants you can use for you Valentine Designs.  Below I am showing the In Your Heart Pendant on a Trollbeads Bangle with a Unique Bead.  With Trollbeads the options are limitless!! 


When I post my Valentine Beads each year I am reminded of how special my mother made Valentine's Day for me and my sisters.  With her special decorations, gifts of heart shaped candy boxes and so many other touches she gave to me a very special love of this holiday.  For me it has never been about a boyfriend or husband, it has always been about the excitement and caring she showed to me and that is what I hope I passed on to my kids.  I used to love to find just the right wonderfully tacky cards we would sign for our classmates. I would spend hours with construction paper and glitter hearts covering a shoe box to have the other students fill with cards. My mother would always show up at school on Valentine's Day with Hoodsie Ice Cream cups for everyone in my class and I would be so proud.  I only had my mother in my life for 13 short years but she instilled in me a loving spirit that continues to live deep inside me.  So celebrate Valentine's Day for yourself and for that child deep within you.  

Trollbeads is Off To a Great Start in 2016! See What's NEW!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 14:01 PM
Spring Inspiration FB (3) S

Greetings to all of you Trollbeads enthusiasts!  We have just released two new collections and are eager to share them with you!  By giving you a summary of the new items I hope to show you just how much there is in a more concise manner.  Please follow one of the links to see the collection for yourself!
Shipping on January 15th is the NEW 2016 Valentine's Trollbeads Collection.  It is a small collection compared to Trollbeads standards but when you see the depth of the NEW 2016 Spring "New Beginnings" Collection, you will understand.  You also need to consider how many Heart and Love themed Trollbeads there is in the line and you'll know there are many to design the sweetest of all Valentine's Day bracelets!
In the 2016 Valentine's Day Trollbeads Collection we have one new silver bead and one new glass bead!  Below is a photo with two images of each bead as it helps to understand the whole bead this way.
Trollbeads Gallery Valentine%27s Day
The other item in this collection is the new Trollbeads Ring Of Change.  
Through the years we have seen other designers create more detailed bead holding rings but this is Trollbeads first ring of its kind.  A very contemporary and striking tubular ring in sterling silver created in a very mimalistic style. 
The photo below highlights the ring with a variety of beads, both silver and glass! Trollbeads Gallery Ring Of Change
This collection has so many wonderful new items for the Trollbeads collector that I find it easier to discuss them by category.
Silver Beads:  There is a total of 14 new silver beads. Including a new Silver stopper!! For the first time Trollbeads has created a second choice for us with the new Oxidized Silver Stopper.  It's same price as the regular Silver Stopper at $20.00 and it will another look to your bracelet designs.
There are too many new silver beads to talk about each one but the Spiritual Dragon, the Heaven Crane and the Soft Wind of Change bead are some beauties.  The Whale Spirit is similar to the Whales pendant but in a more bracelet friendly size.  
Silver Locks:   There are two new silver locks, the Heaven Crane Lock and the Turn Around Lock.  It's always nice to have more locks to chose from!  We are all still waiting for a new larger lock, like the Flower and the Fish, but the wait continues...In the meantime the new locks are shown below and I included the chain so you can see the side of the Turn Around Lock!
Trollbeads Gallery Locks

The glass bead additions has the most variety.  They range from two new faceted beads, 3 new beads with crystals and 6 new Group 1 beads.  The tones are all light in sweet pastel shades.  For the first time ever the beads with Crystals (or CZ's) have CZ's in colors.  The pink or the Fragile Purity has light green cubic zirconia, the light blue or Honest Love has pink cubic zirconia and the light green or Healing Heart has lavender cubic zirconias. A subtle addition which is just lovely.  The two faceted are also pastel and will be great used with the other glass beads from this collection.  In the collage below you can see some of the new Trollbeads!
Trollbeads Gallery New Glass Beads
Pendants:  There are 3 new Pendants... all with a different use in mind! 
Trollbeads Gallery Soft Winds Pendant
The Soft Winds Of Change Pendant (above) was primarily designed for the new Changeable Fantasy Necklace as it has an invisible clip but can be worn on any Trollbeads necklace. Inside the silver "cage" there is a soft pink pearl.   
Also shown in photo down below!
Trollbeads Gallery Anemone
The Troll Anemone Pendant is a stunning floral pendant best worn on a standard necklace, either silver, leather or gold.  The stem curves around the necklace and with the flower creates a delicate yet stong look.  I look forward to having the time to work with this pendant!
                               The Freedom Feather Pendant, the third pendant, was created to wear with the Classic Fantasy Necklace, as you see in the photo below!  
Trollbeads Gallery Freedom Flower
describe the image   
I hope this brief summary helps you get to know the new beads in an overall fashion!

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Three More Days for A Free Bracelet!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Dec 21, 2015 @ 13:12 PM


If you haven’t taken advantage of the last sale of the year…you three weeks to do so!  When you purchase any upgraded clasp from Trollbeads Gallery you will receive a free bracelet chain, saving you $46.00!  Another great savings event is the free stoppers deal and it too end in a week!  Purchase a Bangle bracelet and any bead ($32.00 and above) and you will receive two free stoppers with a savings of $40.00!  How can you not take advantage of these great offers and receive a Trollbeads Travel Case at the same time! 


In addition to these great savings, if you purchase $150 and over, you will qualify for a lovely Trollbeads Travel Case.  It comes in a metallic pink and a metallic gray.  If you look through all the great  beads that came out in 2015 you'll agree it is very easy to come up to $150!  Don't miss out!!

When you think about 2015 and Trollbeads you have to agree we have had some great releases and with the preview of the 2016 Spring Collection we have great New Year to look forward to another year of great new beads.  There will be three new Diamond beads! 



While we thought we were out of this phenomenal Trollbeads Collectors Case...we just found 6 more!  So if you were sad you missed out on one, you now have a second chance! Click on the link above!

Everyone at Trollbeads Gallery and Rogers Gallery (our brick and mortar store) wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy New Year.  personally I can't tell you how much I appreciate your business.  I am so proud to be a retailer of the most creative and most historic brand of beads in the world.  Many brands have come to the market since Trollbeads began the collectible bead concept almost 40 years ago.  

Here's to 2016 and another year of exciting Trollbeads releases!

Upcoming Trollbeads Specials & New Beads for the Holiday!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Mon, Nov 16, 2015 @ 09:11 AM
Winter 2 Straight small
Since my last blog there has been so many new introductions, a special charitable introduction and the grand tradition by Trollbeads to continue to offer us great new beads from seasonal releases to new unique beads continues. 
We are thrilled to report that Trollbeads charitable release for The Red Cross has been extremely well received and has sold very well.  Lise Aagaard, one of the founders of Trollbeads has become a global ambassador for the Red Cross and is donating 100% of the proceeds of this product to the Red Cross.
In addition to Trollbeads donation Trollbeads Gallery will be donating 100% of our share of the $51.00 to the American Red Cross.  If you haven't seen the bracelet yet we have it below and it comes in a red and white box with an accompanying certificate. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list!  Whether a Trollbeads collector or not the giving aspect of this bracelet would make the recipient very happy to be a part of this endeavor.
red cross with love banner  11301
The 2015 Holiday Trollbeads release is by far one of the best Holiday collections to date.  Both of the limited edition glass kits are sensational!  
2015 Holiday TB banner
Besides these glass kits another popular bead added to the collection is the Malachite Faceted Stone bead.  Each one is unique and each one is a rich green and it is a great addition to the Trollbeads stone collection.  The image below shows the great variety and the beauty of this bead. It is a good time to remind you of our Trollbeads Gallery Twist Category.  In this category we list standard Trollbeads but each bead we list is individually photographed and listed.  We have added the Malachite bead here so you can see the bead before you purchase it.  If the bead you see is sold...wait and I will have a new one listed shortly!  Speaking of Trollbeads With A Twist...I have just listed out #207th Azure Bubbles bead! That means I have photographed and listed 207 individual Azure Bubbles.  For us that is the most popular bead! 
Trollbeads Gallery Malachit
Our most popular silver bead from the Holiday release it the Mittens Bead!
TAGBE 30123 Mittens a  06798.1446485699.1280.1280
It is such a memory evoking bead! I had mittens with snowflakes on them and I can smell the ice melting into the wool as I look at this bead!  That is one of the best part of what Trollbeads is about!
Check out the whole release as there are other great beads you can add to your winter bead collection. There is even a first ever Holiday Lock! 
Upcoming Trollbeads Specials!
2015 BlackFriday StoneStarter Eblast
Black Friday Sale!
 From November 27th through to November 30th there will be an assortment of Trollbeads at special prices for you!  Details will be released on November 25th on-line!  
Also on Black Friday a very special bead will be released at a sale price so get ready for it...everyone who has seen a photo of it is very excited! 
Bracelet and Bangle Special!  
From December 10th to the 24th Trollbeads will be offering a special we all love to take advantage of and are so happy to see once again!   See photo below for all the details!
Trollbeads Gallery Bracelet Promo

Beyond all the special beads recently released Trollbeads Gallery also has had made available a couple of the Autumn 2015 silver beads in 18K Gold.  See the Phoenix Bead in gold below!  It is such a great gold bead!  We had a couple made and both have sold so if you are interested in one please let us
know!  The price is $643.00.
        Gold Phoenix Trollbeads Gal
Another of the beads we are offering in Gold is the Smile of Stars bead! We have it listed in our Gold Beads category.  It is $464.00.  What a beauty!
Smile of Stars Gold Trollbe
We hope you are all enjoying your Trollbeads and enjoying the thrill of finding your beads!  
Happy Trolling!

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Trollbeads Updates, Collectors Case and New Beads!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 14:10 PM
Greetings All! 
Since I last wrote we have had our 6th Trollbeads Fest!  It was wonderful! When you get a good group of serious Trollbeads collectors together it is exciting and the energy is great!  We saw many old friends and many new friends too!   Gail Crosman Moore created beautiful beads during the event and as usual people were drawn to her demonstration.  Gail has designed two glass bead Kits for Trollbeads and you can see reflections of these beads in her deom beads!  Her two kits are the Native Elements Kit and the new oneDreams of Freedom Kit.  The demonstration is such an important part of the event as it shows us all just how much work goes into each glass bead and it helps us appreciate there beads even more! 
The 2015 People's Bead Winning Bead was released the week after the Fest and it has been selling very well.  We all love it because not only does it remind us of far away places and memories of tropical vacations, it also is a very detailed bead.  The "Tropical Travels" was designed by Amanda White from the United Kingdom.  Congratulations to Amanda!  To see all 3 sides of the bead click on the link above and we all 3 sides showing on Trollbeads Gallery.
The Collector's Case (shown above) is now listed on Trollbeads Gallery.  Although they came in to us in September we wanted to offer them to our Fest attendees (they needed an award for traveling so far!!) and we can now offer the remaining cases on the site.  It really is the premeire case for serious Trollbeads collectors!  Of all the bead jewelry boxes and cases I have seen in my decade .of beads this is by far the best.  It is very limited in quantity and from what I understand when they are gone...they are gone!  There are 3 different levels and capacity for hundreds of beads...and chains! 
Current Special!  
There is a free chain and lock special on-going right now with the 2 new Goldl Beads. If you purchase either the Gold Path of Life or theGold Hearts Galore Bead you will have the choice of a silver chain and either the Small Flower Clasp or the Plain Clasp.  I have to tell you the the gold Path of Life is a stunningly beautiful bead and if you are contemplating it...go for it!  We have sold more of these in Gold that any other gold bead in recent times!  It's a great size!  
Below the new gold beads are featured on the Silver Trollbeads Bangle.  This is a great way to highlight one bead!If it is too much to spend on yourself then make sure you put it on your Holiday Wish List! 
The newest additions to the Halloween Beads have been rocking!  The Wicked Web Bead  is delightful as is the Trick or Treat Glass Bead!  To see all the standard Trollbeads that you can use on a Halloween themed bracelet follow this link!  It's fun to see them all and you may have them already and you just might create a new Halloween bracelet!  Halloween Themed Trollbeads  The bracelet below is listed there as a starter bracelet! 
We have always had a listing for Halloween unique beads and while a lot have sold since we listed them we are still adding more so take a peek!  There is still time!! A great Trollbeads Gallery tradition continues.
We have been adding some great Retired Trollbeads, Trollstones and stone beads and it seems my customers NEVER miss a trick!  I had the old Viking woven bead in the site for a couple of hours before it sold and the same went for the Clover Bead!  The recent Trollstones all sold within an hour!  I have more coming but you'll have to wait!  You will find with the retired glass beads or retired drop beads I photograph each one and include it in both my retired bead category and my "Trollbeads with a Twist" category so you can see the bead before you purchase it. 
As many of you noticed I listed less beads around the time of the Fest and then the following 10 days we were on vacation and there was no changes!  But now I am back you will be seeing a lot of action! 
Our next release will be the 2015 Holiday release which we have seen and I am sure you will find something to cheer about!  The rich Green Diamonds Bead is a must have and the Malachite faceted stone bead will look perfect on the malachite Fantasy Necklace!  Stay tuned! 

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Special On Trollbeads & X Jewellery

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The Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Starts on September 24 and continues through to October 4!!

  For the first time ever the special will be including the Silver and Bronze Links and Locks from  X Jewellery!! So whether your poison is beads or X or both we can help you save!!  We are very excited about this X Jewellery inclusion as we know many Trollbeads collectors have been waiting to get started on X Jewellery and now this is your opportunity.  Two examples of completed bracelets are shown below!  Check out the whole line of X links on our site through the link below!

X Jewellery at Trollbeads Gallery




We are thrilled that this special will coincide with our Trollbeads Fest! 2015 Event which is October 2nd & 3rd but if you can't make it to our event you can order on-line very easily or call us at our toll free number! 

888-758-3641  Please feel free to contact us to help you get the beads and the X links you want!

If you want to order on line just purchase the beads and links you want and list your free items in the notes section at the time of check out.  BUT...if you are choosing a unique bead(s) as your freebie(s) please call and let us know so we can take that bead off the site to hold it for you! 

Our 6th Annual Trollbeads Fest! 2015 is coming up on October 2nd and we are very excited about the 250+ Unique Kits we will have on hand to share with you.  We will also have many of the new beads in stock in high multiples so you can have you choice!  

The Autumn Trollbeads release is one of the most popular we've experienced in a long time so the experience should be very enjoyable!  The earlier Fests were large events and not as intimate as your typical Trollbeads Gallery/Rogers Gallery experience should be.  We are proud with our smaller and more effective event!  If you have decided at this late date to join us please let us know and we will help find you lodging!  

There are many fun reasons to attend as we have gifts with purchase (only at the Fest) and we have a gift for you for coming.  At 4:00 on Friday we will be serving wine and holding our yearly Charity Drawings for great beads and other Trollbeads related items.  So make it if you can and if not place your order on line!! 

Gail Crossman Moore, glass bead artisan, will be demonstrating her bead making skills on the second day of the event, Saturday October 3rd.  Her beads will be available through a drawing held at the end of the day! 


Trollbeads Gallery

Please note that we are going to be lisitng a lot of unique beads in the next week to get as unique beads available to you for this event!  So check back through out the sale dates!

Last year images from Maddog!  (Thank you)


 Trollbeads Gallery Fest

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