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A GREAT Trollbeads SALE Starts April 1st!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Wed, Mar 30, 2016 @ 12:03 PM


Yes!  Trollbeads collectors everywhere are anxiously waiting for the most popular sale Trollbeads has.  We are excited about it too and we have been and still will be adding unique beads to our website everyday during the sale.  If you are new to Trollbeads and new to Trollbeads sales let me tell you what it is all about and what Trollbeads Gallery can offer you for this sale! 

The Buy 3 Get 1 Free is just that!  You can purchase any group of 3 beads and receive a 4th bead free of equal value or of less value.  The BEST part is that there is no limit to the quantity of beads you can purchase.  To make this sale work best for you group your beads in groups of 4 and keep them to the same value.  To clarify this let me give you a couple of examples.

If you plan on purchasing three faceted stone beads at $63.00 you qualify for a fourth bead free but to make this sale work best for you choose another $63.00 bead. You can choose any bead at that price or lower but if you want your fourth bead to be a $31.00 bead, you can but you don't get the best bang for your buck!  

If you purchase an Amber Kit at $235.00 that is actually considered 6 beads at $39.00 each so you will qualify for one extra bead with a value of $39.00 or less.  If you chose to purchase additional beads you obviously can and will quality for more free beads.  If you purchase any of our Amber trios it quite simply will qualify you for a fourth bead free.  Unique Amber Kits.  Trollbeads Amber is a remarkable product from Trollbeads.  Unique Amber Trollbeads are created from 55 million year old amber. If you look at the lighter amber beads you can actually see 55 million year old debris!  How cool is that? Besides it is all beautiful!  If you are starting your Trollbeads Amber collection just know that a wide variety of bead size, shape and color will make the most interesting amber jewelry.


Trollbeads Gallery has two categories of beads that are individual beads listed by the actual bead.  Our category    of Unique Beads and our Trollbeads With A Twist. With A Twist.  If the fourth bead you chose to be free comes from either of these two categories it would be best if you purchase it at the time of your order to make sure you get it and then we will credit you back the money for the bead.  Unique Beads move fast during a sale and we don't want you to lose it if not purchased.  

If you are new to Trollbeads Gallery let me tell you about "Trollbeads With A Twist With A Twist".  This is the category where we photograph and list each and every glass and stone Trollbeads so as a website customer you can see the actual bead you will be getting if you order it. We have chosen beads that tend to change from bead to bead. We recognized the difficulty of choosing a bead without seeing it first and we are the only website offering this service. Each of these beads has a number and that is the one you will get if you purchase it.  If you check the page and see a bead is out of stock, check back as I try to keep them in stock!

Back to Basics!  If you are purchasing regular Trollbeads (as in not unique and twist) you only have to purchase your 3 beads and write in the notes section, at time of check out, your free bead selection. 

There are many great new beads to add to your collection at this time!  The 2016 Spring Collection has great silver beads and glass beads.  The 2016 Mother's Day Collection has also given us both a beautiful new silver bead and faceted bead. This is a perfect time to update your Trollbeads collection!  The beads shown below can be found in both new collections! 



It is important to note on Trollbeads Gallery and that is we are all about service. For 10 years we have been known as the most trusted source for Trollbeads in the U.S.  Please call us if you have any questions or would rather give us your order over the phone.  If you are worried about placing an order on line please know we have the best and most secure website available. 

Beads above: Lover's Faith, Violet Stripe, Apple Blossom, Wise Bamboo, Soft Winds of Change.

We can be reached toll-free at 888-758-3641.  

Happy Spring and Happy Sale!! 

Louise Rogers 

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Trollbeads Black Friday Specials Announced!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

2014 Black Friday Special Banner
I made mention of the fact in the last blog that the Black Friday Specials were, for us anyway, a bit confusing and we had to take inventory and make the decisions on what we can offer you.  Trollbeads had presented to us a large number of possibilities but many of the included beads we just don't have. The sale begins on November 28 and continues through December 2.

To keep it simple for you we are offering two specials and one of those include both silver, gold and glass beads.  All of these beads were determined by Trollbeads. A group of glass beads chosen by Trollbeads will be up to 44% off.  The glass beads will be $19.00 and the selected silver beads will be a variety of prices also offering 44% off or thereabouts.  Trollbeads Gallery has the category all listed on the site but we can't show you the beads until Thursday, the 28th.Here is the link to the Black Friday Sale Beads.  We have limited stock of some of the retired beads listed so choose quickly!

The second special is a great one!  You can purchase 3 unique beads and get the 4th free. You will need to put all 4 beads in your cart but then write the code word FREEUNIQUE. The code will deduct $46.00 from your cart and that is your free bead.  With this system if you want to buy a second group of 4 you will need to start a new order and use the code again. I have been busy trying to list a lot of unique beads and will continue as long as they are selling and as long as the sale is on!

Unique Trollbeads    Christmas Unique Trollbeads

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Trollbeads Gallery Summer Trunk Show is Here!

Posted by Louise Rogers on Sat, Jul 14, 2012 @ 08:07 AM

World Tour Trollbeads Galle

Our summer Trunk Show begins on Friday, July 20th and runs through Monday July 23rd...but if you want to take advantage of the retired silver Trollbead offer-email us asap to have us hold the beads in your name as all retired have limited quantities!

As a Trollbeads trunk show draws near we can feel the energy in the gallery change as the excitement grows. There's a fun aura of expectancy because you don't know who will come in and who will call and what they will order!  So many customers develop into friends so it feels  like having a party. People love events like this and it's fun to see who are usually careful bead "plodders" loosen up a bit and enjoy the event! If you are wondering why we share in the glow from the fun it's simple. We feel this way because we get to give the specials and quite honestly it feels great! For us it's the one time we can offer specials and offer the great collectible Trollbeads gifts and our collectors get so excited and can't wait to order and be a part of the trunk show celebration.  Quite simply it's a win-win for us. It's a special time we can give special prices and it's a way of saying thank you to our collectors.  As retailers we come about our feeling of the thrill honestly because it's fun to be a part of this and shows the gratitude we feel to our collectors from us!  If you're wondering why I'm discussing the specials and gifts coming from the retailers I like to remind collectors that it's the retailers offering these specials to you. Many collectors are under the assumption that the specials are coming from Trollbeads (even more so when there are now national trunk show dates).

Our offerings are plentiful and are on different levels so we have chosen, once again, to offer the Trunk show through direct calls or emails.  This way we can explain the best way to take advantage of all of the offerings to your best advantage.

Please feel free to call us or email us with your order

Our Offers to you include all beads including the World Tour beads!

Purchase any 3 Trollbeads and receive the 4th bead free.  The free Trollbead will need to be equal to the lowest priced bead in the group of 3.  So choose your group of 3 beads with this in mind and make this work to your advantage! There is no limit to the number of groups you may choose.  Our World Tour Trollbeads are included!

Purchase any gold Trollbead (over $500) and receive $100 off!

Purchase any silver/gold Trollbead and receive $50.00 off! (Over $300)

Purchase 3 Retired Silver Trollbeads from the list below for $99:

Aztec, 5 Faces, Triangles, Pentanque, Unity, Transition Woman, Transition Man,

Bird, Cactus, Etruscan, Fabled Faces, Neither Fish Nor Bird, Sandi, Tower, Viking, Two Trolls -

(from the Anniversary Bracelet!) 

7-18 Update!!  Just added!!!  ClownMink 8 Faces, Big Bird

Quantities are limited on retired beads so please call to reserve what you want and we will process the order during the event.

Buy any Upgraded Clasp for a free chain.

Our gifts for you:

Spend $175 receive a Trollbeads Memory Book

Spend $250 receive a NEW Green Leather Jewelry Pouch

Spend $500 receive a Trollbeads Coffee Table Book

Spend $750 receive a Trollbeads Jewelry Box

Our Trunk Show is on Friday, July 20th and on

Saturday, July 21st (office will be open for calls both of these days)

Sunday, July 22nd (no one in office) and on

Monday July 23rd -office will be open for calls! 

Office Toll Free: 1-888-758-3641


 Unique feathersAbove is a sample of our unique Trollbeads "Feathers"!  Our Unique bead category is the most active of all unique bead sites.  We load new unique Trollbeads daily!


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