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Trollbeads information that can inspire your creativity with your own Trollbeads collection. Share your thoughts, be involved and please leave comments!

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Upcoming Trollbeads Specials & New Beads for the Holiday!

Winter 2 Straight small
Since my last blog there has been so many new introductions, a special charitable introduction and the grand tradition by Trollbeads to continue to offer us great new beads from seasonal releases to new unique beads continues. 
We are thrilled to report that Trollbeads charitable release for The Red Cross has been extremely well received and has sold very well.  Lise Aagaard, one of the founders of Trollbeads has become a global ambassador for the Red Cross and is donating 100% of the proceeds of this product to the Red Cross.
In addition to Trollbeads donation Trollbeads Gallery will be donating 100% of our share of the $51.00 to the American Red Cross.  If you haven't seen the bracelet yet we have it below and it comes in a red and white box with an accompanying certificate. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list!  Whether a Trollbeads collector or not the giving aspect of this bracelet would make the recipient very happy to be a part of this endeavor.
red cross with love banner  11301
The 2015 Holiday Trollbeads release is by far one of the best Holiday collections to date.  Both of the limited edition glass kits are sensational!  
2015 Holiday TB banner
Besides these glass kits another popular bead added to the collection is the Malachite Faceted Stone bead.  Each one is unique and each one is a rich green and it is a great addition to the Trollbeads stone collection.  The image below shows the great variety and the beauty of this bead. It is a good time to remind you of our Trollbeads Gallery Twist Category.  In this category we list standard Trollbeads but each bead we list is individually photographed and listed.  We have added the Malachite bead here so you can see the bead before you purchase it.  If the bead you see is sold...wait and I will have a new one listed shortly!  Speaking of Trollbeads With A Twist...I have just listed out #207th Azure Bubbles bead! That means I have photographed and listed 207 individual Azure Bubbles.  For us that is the most popular bead! 
Trollbeads Gallery Malachit
Our most popular silver bead from the Holiday release it the Mittens Bead!
TAGBE 30123 Mittens a  06798.1446485699.1280.1280
It is such a memory evoking bead! I had mittens with snowflakes on them and I can smell the ice melting into the wool as I look at this bead!  That is one of the best part of what Trollbeads is about!
Check out the whole release as there are other great beads you can add to your winter bead collection. There is even a first ever Holiday Lock! 
Upcoming Trollbeads Specials!
2015 BlackFriday StoneStarter Eblast
Black Friday Sale!
 From November 27th through to November 30th there will be an assortment of Trollbeads at special prices for you!  Details will be released on November 25th on-line!  
Also on Black Friday a very special bead will be released at a sale price so get ready for it...everyone who has seen a photo of it is very excited! 
Bracelet and Bangle Special!  
From December 10th to the 24th Trollbeads will be offering a special we all love to take advantage of and are so happy to see once again!   See photo below for all the details!
Trollbeads Gallery Bracelet Promo

Beyond all the special beads recently released Trollbeads Gallery also has had made available a couple of the Autumn 2015 silver beads in 18K Gold.  See the Phoenix Bead in gold below!  It is such a great gold bead!  We had a couple made and both have sold so if you are interested in one please let us
know!  The price is $643.00.
        Gold Phoenix Trollbeads Gal
Another of the beads we are offering in Gold is the Smile of Stars bead! We have it listed in our Gold Beads category.  It is $464.00.  What a beauty!
Smile of Stars Gold Trollbe
We hope you are all enjoying your Trollbeads and enjoying the thrill of finding your beads!  
Happy Trolling!

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Special On Trollbeads & X Jewellery




The Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Starts on September 24 and continues through to October 4!!

  For the first time ever the special will be including the Silver and Bronze Links and Locks from  X Jewellery!! So whether your poison is beads or X or both we can help you save!!  We are very excited about this X Jewellery inclusion as we know many Trollbeads collectors have been waiting to get started on X Jewellery and now this is your opportunity.  Two examples of completed bracelets are shown below!  Check out the whole line of X links on our site through the link below!

X Jewellery at Trollbeads Gallery




We are thrilled that this special will coincide with our Trollbeads Fest! 2015 Event which is October 2nd & 3rd but if you can't make it to our event you can order on-line very easily or call us at our toll free number! 

888-758-3641  Please feel free to contact us to help you get the beads and the X links you want!

If you want to order on line just purchase the beads and links you want and list your free items in the notes section at the time of check out.  BUT...if you are choosing a unique bead(s) as your freebie(s) please call and let us know so we can take that bead off the site to hold it for you! 

Our 6th Annual Trollbeads Fest! 2015 is coming up on October 2nd and we are very excited about the 250+ Unique Kits we will have on hand to share with you.  We will also have many of the new beads in stock in high multiples so you can have you choice!  

The Autumn Trollbeads release is one of the most popular we've experienced in a long time so the experience should be very enjoyable!  The earlier Fests were large events and not as intimate as your typical Trollbeads Gallery/Rogers Gallery experience should be.  We are proud with our smaller and more effective event!  If you have decided at this late date to join us please let us know and we will help find you lodging!  

There are many fun reasons to attend as we have gifts with purchase (only at the Fest) and we have a gift for you for coming.  At 4:00 on Friday we will be serving wine and holding our yearly Charity Drawings for great beads and other Trollbeads related items.  So make it if you can and if not place your order on line!! 

Gail Crossman Moore, glass bead artisan, will be demonstrating her bead making skills on the second day of the event, Saturday October 3rd.  Her beads will be available through a drawing held at the end of the day! 


Trollbeads Gallery

Please note that we are going to be lisitng a lot of unique beads in the next week to get as unique beads available to you for this event!  So check back through out the sale dates!

Last year images from Maddog!  (Thank you)


 Trollbeads Gallery Fest

Announcing TrollbeadsFest! 2015 at Trollbeads Gallery!

TrollbeadsFest! 2015 at Trollbeads Gallery

TrollbeadsFest! 2015

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting

our 6th Annual TrollbeadsFest! on

October 2nd and 3rd!

The excitement is make your plans now!

It seems remarkable but this will be our 6th year that we have held this event and we hope you can make it to Massachusetts for this year's TrollbeadsFest!  Visit New England in it's premier season, catch up with old Trollbeads friends and make some new ones and, most importantly, pick up some beautiful Trollbeads! 

This year, like last year, we are hosting the event at Rogers Gallery, our store so there is no entry charge but as usual we will always have a TrollbeadsFest event gift for you!  You'll find the gallery is a more intimate experience and you will get to meet other Trollbeads collectors and see their collections and relax with your beads!

We will be offering the Buy 3 Get 1 Free to help you make the most of your Trollbeads dollar!  We will have hundreds of unique Trollbeads to offer you and many of each of the new Autumn Release so you have choose you bead from many of each bead! So call your Trollbeads buddies and make your plans for a fun weekend!

We have saved our release of the NEW Black Storage Case for this event! Pick up your case here!  These are very limited so we are thrilled to have them for the event!

Trollbeads case at TrollbeadsFest! 2015


Where: Rogers Gallery, Route 6, Mattapoisett, MA 02739 508-758-3641

 Event Schedule

Friday, October 2nd:

9:30 Doors open and bead play begins!

12:00-1:00: Lunch offered. Sandwiches buffet style.

4:00 -6:00: Wine and Charity Bead Auction.

Saturday, October 3rd:

9:30 Doors Open and Bead play begins anew!

10:30 - 5:00 Gail Crosman Moore exhibits her glass bead making skills!  Have a seat and watch the remarkable process unfold.  Gail will be offering her beads for sale as well!

12:00-1:00: Lunch Offered.  Sandwiches buffet style.

If you haven't seen a glass bead being made you have to see it!  We are thrilled for Gail as she designed one of the two newest kits in the 2015 Trollbeads Autumn Collection, the Dreams of Freedom Kit! 

Here is Gail at last year's Trollbeads Fest!  We are so happy to have her here again!

RSVP's: We would appreciate if you could let us know if you are coming and if you would like to have lunch with us.  It helps us plan for food and help! Feel free to email me at

If you need hotel suggestions click on this link and see the area's hospitality suggestions!  If you are coming from a distance it may help to know we are 1 hour from Boston, 45 minutes from Providence and 30 minutes from Cape Cod!

Area Hotels Listings

Gail Crosman Moore at TrollbeadsFest! 2015







August Trollbeads Specials and More Info!!


Greetings Trollbeads Fans-

We are writing this blog to tell you we have TWO Bangle specials with two different deals and two different time frames.  Ok, so maybe Trollbeads is just making sure we are paying attention...but whatever the reason you stand to save money on both specials so listen up and pick your favorite!

The 1st Special is only 4 days long!  July 30th- August 2nd.  So jump on it if you want it!  Our Summer schedules are so busy you can turn around for your bathing suit and in an instant it could be August 3rd!  It's simple and you'll save $40.00!  Just pick any Silver Bangle and any bead and we will give you 2 FREE Stoppers.  How?  Just purchase your bead and bangle and we will send you the stoppers so no code needed!2015 Bangle Event eblast

The second Bangle Special starts on July 30 but goes through September 30th! With this special you will save $42.00! On this one you can purchase the Silver Bangle and the two Stoppers and we will give you a prism Trollbead in the color of your choice!  How?  No code needed here either! Easy beadsy!  Just purchase The Bangle and the Stoppers and in the notes section at check out tell us the color Prism you would like to get free!  Got it? If not call us and we can help you!

Trollbeads Bangle SpecialIf you missed my handy dandy links to the Bangles and Stoppers in this blog here they are again!!  Plus we have a listing just for the Prism Bangle Listing!

                 Trollbeads Silver Bangle 

                Trollbeads Silver Stoppers

                    Prism Bangle Special


If you are wondering about why Trollbeads is running two Bangle Specials concurrently it is because we want every collector to try a Bangle.  Market research has shown that if a collector owns a Bangle they use it all the time and they love it!  But not everyone has jumped on board and tried one.  So this is one more opportunity for the uninitiated to experience the ease of the Trollbeads Bangle!

World Tour Beads Back in Stock!

We have just received the very special World Tour Beads back in stock!  Check the recently added beads!  Iron Wolf, African Pride (Yes, that great lion bead) and many others!  World Tour Trollbeads

Trollbeads Fest! 2015

We will be hosting our annual Trollbeads Fest! on October 2nd and 3rd 2015!  We have many exciting beads and treats for you so get your plans going! 

Where: Rogers Gallery, Mattapoisett, MA 02739  508-758-3641

Friday and Saturday!  Buy 3 get 1 Free, Bead Making Demo and so much more!!We will be sending out all the particulars soon!!

Our 6th Annual Event!!!

Trollbeads Summer Sale On For Only One More Week!


describe the imageThis is a simple "reminder" blog!

If your Summer has started anything like mine you have been too busy to read all your emails and too busy to catch up on blog articles but I am taking a moment just to remind you of the Trollbeads Summer Sale. After the City Beads were taken down many emailed me saying they missed the chance as life got in the way!  We still have City Beads (but you need to call) and we still have the Summer Sale so this is your reminder!

It is running now and ends July 6th.  Do yourself a favor and click on over to our site and see the beads we have on sale!  There just may be beads you have been meaning to add to your collection but just haven't had the chance.  The time is now! Click on the link below!

Trollbeads Summer Sale

I have chosen two of my all time favorite beads that are on sale to share with you!

One of my personal favorite glass beads:

Trollbeads Gallery Blue Green feather


The Blue Green Feather Trollbead

has been retired for 3 years and there just aren't that many left of them.  It is a beautiful earthy green that can work well on so many Trollbeads designs.

The Feather design is one I wish they would make more of instead of less of!  The Red Feather was a huge favorite but that was retired too and now impossible to find! There is only one more feather design bead in the line!

Green is in the middle of the color wheel and can be used with so many other colors and at $25.00 you should buy it!  Even if you have one you should get another one!



One of My Favorite Silver Beads:

Trollbeads Gallery Palying Cards               The Playing Cards Bead

The Playing Cards bead was a bead we all first saw when Trollbeads International hosted an event for all dealers in Las Vegas.  It was a spectacular weekend with small seminars and chances to meet with the Trollbeads family and all other dealers.

  We were each gifted one of these beads and Lise Aagaard, the founder of Trollbeads and CEO, as she told us of how she found the molded for this bead amongst her father's things after he passed away. It obviously meant a lot to her to find it and to share it with us.

I think this bead is universal in appeal as we probably all have distant memories of playing cards with our grandparents, our parents and even our own kids, siblings and grandchildren. 

Trollbeads tell a story and with this bead I am reminded of my grandmother teaching me solitaire as a child and her great patience.  We would play during our Summer visits on rainy days.  If you don't have this bead yet now is a good time to get one! What are your memories? 

So before you pull your cards out and start shuffling hope on over to Trollbeads Gallery and check out the rest of the sale beads! What kind of stories can you evoke with your beads?  Can you find beads you can give as gifts to share memories with a sister or a brother? 

Happy Summer to all!  





Trollbeads News and July 4th Unique Beads are Listed!


Before I update you on the July 4th Unique bead collection and about the 2015 Summer Trollbeads Sale I wanted to tell you about the NEW Trollbeads Gallery.  I have been working on it and it is a work in process but please visit and take a look.  The images are larger and more clear and the words are easier to read!  More work continues but I am happy to say we have had very positive feedback!  Enough about the site!

This will just be a quick update as there are so many things happening in July that I will write about later!  I wanted to let everyone know that our July 4th Unique Trollbeads are listed and as usual there is not a great quantity as red, white and blue beads are rare.  I do supplement the group with red and blue beads but for the beads that are just red, white and blue...they are rare! 

If you look at the bracelet below you will see a smattering of unique beads mixed in with stardard glass beads!  There are many red, white and blue beads you may already own that when mixed with a couple unique beads can start your July 4th celebrations on their way!  Below are links to the glass Trollbeads you can purchase to mix with your July 4th Unique beads.

Trollbeads Gallery July 4th beads

Bright Red Prism  $34.00  A great bright red!

White Stripes  $34.00  Great because it is white but also because it is stripes!

Joyful  $72.00  The mood I get in when ever I hear the National Anthem or watch fireworks!

Scarlet Bud  $34.00 Another perfect red for this holiday celebration!

Shooting Stars  $315.00  Diamonds and silver good for any celebration!

White Diamonds $63.00  White with the glitter of inset cz's!

The News about Trollbeads is that there is a SALE coming up!!  Woohoo!  I will be writing a blog about the sale but it includes all items released before 2015!

A reminder: The Trollbeads City Collection is only going to be offered until 6-22-2015...4 more days only! So jump on it if you have not yet purchased them!

2015 Summer Sale Eblast 499x665

Trollbeads Day 2015 Was a Huge Success!


Trollbeads Gallery Penni Lo
As you can gather from the photo above we definitely got into the swing of things on Trollbeads Day 2015.  From left to right there is me, Louise, Penni (our brilliant shipping manager) and collector Liz Palmer on Trollbeads Day at Rogers Gallery.  We served up muffins and sandwiches and many, many Trollbeads! The Troll ears were a big hit and we are saving the pairs we have for Trollbeads Fest 2015, October 2nd and 3rd.   Save the date!

Trollbeads Day Bead 6415

The introduction of the Trollbeads Day Bead was wonderful as everyone who saw it bought it!  What a glorious bead.  It's brilliant of Lise Aagaard to design a bead that is so alike yet so unique to each bead because it makes you want more than one!  You can see what I am referring to by the photo above!  By the end of the day we were close to having sold out our first order if dozens and by the end of Sunday, which was the first day we sold it on Trollbeads Gallery, we were sold out.  Trollbeads were very quick in sending us the next order so by Tuesday we were fully stocked. We have made a few bracelets trying different effects and below is one I made using the Seabed Bead, Whirling Adventure, White Petals and other white beads.

The link to the 2015 Trollbeads Day Bead also includes the 2014 Trollbeads Day bead because if you want your collection complete you will want it as well.  It is a silver bead and we don't have a lot left but I wanted to include it to let all new collectors to know about it.  Read the description because it really reflects the Trollbeads designs of the earlier years where the 2015 Bead celebrates the present designs.

describe the image

There are many ways to use the "The 2015 Trollbeads Day Bead" and if you have joined our Trollbeads Gallery Forum no doubt you have seen what other Trollbeads collectors have done with it with the beads from their bead box.  It is fun to see the creativity. A favorite one of mine is on a bangle where the collector used two of her retired Lilac Pearls!  If you haven't joined the Forum please do-there is so many inspiring ideas and great people with the like minded passion of Trollbeads.  I created the Forum 5 years ago this Spring and at this point we have 4800 members from around the globe and they shared 29,600 Trollbeads photos! I had decided to create a place where Trollbeads fans could meet and share their passion and that has happened over and over again. Lifetime friendships have been formed and as the creator I am so thrilled to see this all happen.  So please visit the Forum if you haven't in a while and join if you aren't already there! There are so many discussions and groups to go through!

Oh, news on Trollbeads Gallery!  Our platform has changed and we are sporting a new look with larger photos so you no longer have to click on each bead to see the larger version.  I know many people don't like change but this is a change to the better, I promise.  We are even more secure...even though I couldn't imagine anything more secure (we don't get to see any of your payment information when you purchase) but we moved on and paid for another upgrade and received an SSL certification. Please visit it and let us know what you think!

Just a reminder on The City Beads!!  We have been given the right to sell the City Beads only until June 22nd so if you haven't purchased the ones you want yet...just know you have until then to do so.  Link: The City Bead Collection

describe the image

Well the next chore for me to do on my website is to photograph and list all of my red, white and blue unique Trollbeads for your July 4th celebratory bracelet!  As you may know I always save certain colors for certain holidays and this is a big one for Trollbeads Gallery.  I will send out an email when I get them finished so stay tuned.

After our successful celebration on Trollbeads Day and after all the orders that came in on-line following it...I want to give you my heartfelt thanks for being loyal customers and loyal Trollies.  Thank you so much.

Louise Rogers

Trollbeads Day 2015 is June 6th, this Saturday!


Trollbeads Day Banner

The excitement is rising as Trollbeads Day 2015 gets closer! This is the second year that Trollbeads has been celebrating Trollbeads Day and we hope all of you can visit a Trollbeads store and join in the celebration! Below is a quote from Trollbeads:

"To commemorate their passion and engagement, we dedicate Trollbeads Day on June 6th in gratitude to them. On this day we invite our fans to a celebration in store - revealing our special Trollbeads Day 2015 bead, launching our limited edition ‘Sun Beam Kit’ as well as having an extraordinary shopping experience with competition and local activities."

Trollbeads dealers will be debuting the 2015 Trollbeads Day official bead and I am so excited to be sharing this bead with all my collectors.  Last year they debuted a silver bead and while it clearly defined the Troll like designs that brought Trollbeads to an artistic level during it's almost 4 decades of bead creations... it wasn't the average OMG Trollbead.  This year's celebratory bead will make even the toughest to please...ecstatic!

The day of celebration is to be shared by Trollbead collectors and enthusiasts the world over and our store in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts will be offering our own celebration this coming Saturday.  Everyone who purchases a 2015 Trollbeads Day Bead will have their name entered into a drawing to be pulled at 4:00 PM, the day of the event and the drawing is for one of the fun new Trollbeads Jewelry Boxes shown below.  It has 3 levels of the same configuration and is quite special!  (I must clarify that it comes without the beads shown in the photo!)

describe the image

The company's founder, bead designer and CEO Lise Aagaard designed the bead and the following quote is from Trollbeads referring to this year's design.

"Let your spirit feel the break of dawn. Seek a moment of harmony and find inner peace. The forest quietly comes to life and the soft light breaks in the tree tops. The rays find their way to the forest floor which is slowly getting warmer. Life begins to trickle. Now it is dawn in the forest where all the trolls live. Trollbeads Day 2015 is a faceted glass bead with an engraving of the year. The bead is designed by the founder of Trollbeads, Lise Aagaard." 

The bead will only be available through Trollbeads stores until after June 6th.  After June 6th you will be able to purchase the bead on-line at Trollbeads Gallery.  At this point in time we do not have information on the quantity of Trollbeads Day Jewelry Boxes. Dealers were supplied the boxes when they purchased so many Trollbeads Day beads so no dealer has a large quantity at this point.  It is my hope that more will be available to purchase at a later date but as with the Trollbeads Day candlesticks of last year, more were never available. 

While you are busy celebrating the day make sure you check out all the new releases of 2015!  There is a remarkable selection of beads to look through and to purchase!  Never before have we seen such great new releases from the Spring Collection, the Mother's day beads (which have sold out in the U.S. twice and had to be reordered), the new Easter beads, the Good Luck Starter Bracelet, the new Copper Collection (another total sell out but now back in stock!), the new single leather bracelets, the City Beads Collection (which has also had sell outs!), the NEW Sunbeam Stone kits (above) and now the 2015 Trollbeads Day Bead!  You have to admit with only 5 months of 2015 behind us it really has been a remarkable year and you have to congratulate yourself on collecting the most artistic bead brand available.

If you don't live any where near a Trollbeads Dealer spend a little part of June 6th celebrating on-line at Trollbeads Gallery!  If you do we will honor your purchases by giving you one of the beautiful purple satin Trollbeads Travel Pouch!  After retail hours we will be listing the 2015 Trollbeads Day Trollbead on Trollbeads Gallery.  So if you can't join us at Rogers Gallery and if you don't have a local dealer celebrate by treating yourself to beads and party on! We have a limited quantity of the Purple Pouches but hope to make you all happy!!

Travel Pouch Photo

New City Trollbeads Collection Out this Week + Sunbeam Stone Kit


City Beads Trollbeads Galle
We are excited to be a part of the Trollbeads City Beads Collection as we get ready to ship all of our City Bead orders this Thursday!  This is a very special collection that will be part of a ground breaking way to sell these specific beads.  Every Trollbeads dealer around the world has the chance to sell these beads from May 2nd- June 22nd and then after June 22nd the beads will be available only from dealers in the cities they represent.  I find this very interesting because I believe Trollbeads dealers, like Trollbeads Gallery, will not purchase large quantities of these beads because if we can't sell them on-line after June 22nd we won't want to have beads we can't sell.  We have been able to pre-sell the beads which has helped us to inventory what we need but if you haven't purchased yet and intend to you might want to do so now!  We are dedicated to have the beads our collectors want but we will also be sure to run out!  You can tell when a collection is popular when each and every bead has been selling equally well and it really is great to see the enthusiasm. 

Thank you to all of you who took part of the Gift with Purchase on Mother's Day.  The Umbrellas were totally sold out but we intend to purchase more for a future event as we loved the quality and the look of it! 

The Sunbeam Stone Kit is being released June 4th and we are looking forward to seeing it in person!  So many of our collectors love the natural stones and the features each stone has.  Below is a great chart supplied by Trollbeads to learn more about the kit.

Sunbeam Stone EblastAfter the Sunbeam Stone Kit we have Saturday, June 6th to look forward to Trollbeads Day, 2015!!  A beautiful faceted glass bead will be issued to commemorate this day.  These beads will be available in-store only on June 6th and then on June 7th we will be selling them on-line on Trollbeads Gallery.  The suspense is mounting to the unveiling of this bead and I can hardly wait to see it!

So get your City Beads ordered before they are gone and look forward to June 6th Trollbeads Day 2015!!

Time is Running out on Trollbeads Mother's Day Gift With Purchase!


2015 Umbrella GWP eblastThis is seriously the best gift with purchase Trollbeads has ever produced and I hope you don't miss out! All you have to do is spend $150 on our Trollbeads Gallery site! The umbrella is great quality and the colorful Trollbead fabric underneath will have you smiling even on the rainiest of days!  Here is a close up with more of the inner fabric showing! Note to Trollbeads...PLEASE make scarves out of the inner fabric!!Trollbeads Gallery umbrellaWith so many wonderful new Trollbeads out for Spring 2015 and so many great Bangles (3 different ones now!!) and the new Copper bead and stopper you will easily find your way to $150 and to a new collectible Trollbeads Umbrella in no time!
Speaking of the new Copper items...they have been received with great accolades from our customers!  See the image below!2015 Copper cropped
So much of the current trends include mixing metals and Trollbeads has allowed us to join in this trend by offering us the very affordable Copper!

As many of you know the very popular "Mother's Day Rose" glass bead was out of stock for over a month and I wanted to update you and tell you Trollbeads Gallery did get more in!  If you haven't ordered one you should!  It will be one of those limited edition that is definitely gone! Mothers Trollbeads Gallery

If you still need ideas on how to spend your dollars to get a free Trollbeads Umbrella consider the following!

Party Time Bead (limited edition)

Good Luck Starter Bracelet Kit (limited edition & a great deal!)

A Polished Fantasy Necklace (new this year)

Trollbeads With A Twist (See the bead you get if you order it! No guessing!

Wings of Freedom (The beautiful Eagle created for the U.S.)

Trollbeads Unique Twins & Trios Where we match beads for you in a trio or offer you 2 of the same bead - both of which are very handy to wear on a bangle bracelet!


Trollbeads Gallery Bracelet


As you can see it has been a very busy year for Trollbeads! Coming up soon will be a crowning event that you'll want to get in line for now!  Trollbeads has announced that the 2015 Trollbeads Day will be on a Saturday, June 6!!  Get ready for a beautiful faceted glass bead at $56.00.  The design will remain under wraps to keep the excitement growing but we do know the the year 2015 will be engraved on each bead. I am very excited to see what Lise Aagaard had designed for us. As we know the bead will be a limited edition so add it into your budget it now and mark June 6th on your calendar!! Every collector that comes to our gallery on that day will be promised THE bead!  If you are new collector and want to make sure you have all "Trollbeads Day" beads in your collection we still have beads from 2014!  2014 Trollbeads Day Bead.

From Trollbeads:

"Let your spirit feel the break of dawn. Seek a moment of harmony and find inner peace. The forest quietly comes to life and the soft light breaks in the tree tops. The rays find their way to the forest floor which is slowly getting warmer. Life begins to trickle. Now it is dawn in the forest where all the trolls live.

Trollbeads Day 2015 is a faceted glass bead with an engraving of the year. The bead is designed by the founder of Trollbeads, Lise Aagaard."

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