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Trollbeads information that can inspire your creativity with your own Trollbeads collection. Share your thoughts, be involved and please leave comments!

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Trollbeads Gallery Autumn News!


2014 peoples bead banner

Now that Trollbeads Fest! 2014 is behind us we are collecting our thoughts and connecting with our eager and growing Trollbeads collectors group! First I would like to report that our Fest was a huge success and we had some of the best unique beads we have seen.  Trollbeads supplied us with great beads and our collectors who traveled far and wide were rewarded with many great beads.  Thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to Trollbeads for gracing us with beautiful beads!! It was a remarkable time for everyone and it has now evolved into a great group of like minded Trollies enjoying each other and enjoying the experience.  It was wonderful!!  We have just listed the remainder of our Special Event Beads.  See them now! SPECIAL EVENT TROLLBEADS There are only a limited quantity of each of the beads left so see them first for the best selection.

News: As many of you know the 2014 People's Bead Winner (in photo above) was released last week. Purchase it now and buy it in your group of three to get another Trollbeads FREE...(until the 16th!) It is a beauty as you can see and as we all know who can't use more balance in their life?

As I write this I want to make a quick mention of the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" ends on October 16th!  It is such a great money saving event for all collectors.  I have been thrilled with the amount of people who have purchased 3 of the new Gold Trollbeads and have received one free and saving hundreds of dollars AND still receiving a free silver chain and lock!  Now that is saving!!!  To see the newest release of Gold beads click here:

Love gold Art Collection

2014 gold Banner.words

Halloween Unique Trollbeads

Our yearly tradition of offering you Orange and Black Trollbeads for your Halloween creations has continued this year and we are still adding beads as they have been selling.  We were graced with so many great unique beads for Trollbeads Fest this year that we had beads to offer on our Halloween page!  Order now so you can wear them as your trick or treat!


Hoilday Trollbeads 2014 Are Listed!  This collection is easily the best group of glass holiday glass beads.  Such a festive array of holiday spirit! Treat yourself to these beauties and get in the holiday mood early! While we have had the entire collection listed we have just listed the individual glass beads from the two kits.

Christmas Trollbeads High r

Trollbeads Fest! 2014 Is Almost Here: Oct 3 & 4


Gail Crosman Moore photo    We are just upon Trollbeads Fest! 2014 and the excitement is building! We are very excited to have been receiving some of the most beautiful Unique beads we have ever seen!  New and exciting and I want to thank Trollbeads for taking such great care of my customers and collectors. Gail Crosman Moore will be present and making beads on both days!!

   This is the Fifth Trollbeads Fest! and we are thrilled to be a major part of the history of Trollbeads in the U.S.  Each of the past Trollbeads Fests were memorable for a variety of reasons and I am sure this one will be too.

The most important bit of information to share with you, the collector is the special we will be offering to you both here in our gallery during the Fest but also on-line on our website.  We are offering to classic and much beloved "Buy 3 Trollbeads and get the 4th Trollbead free" special.  This was the classic Trollbeads Trunk Show Special and when Trunk Shows went away almost a year ago many collectors were very sad.  But it's back! What is great is that it is even offered past the Fest until October 16th. The occasion of this special is always the perfect time to stretch your Trollbeads dollar and get more for the holiday as gifts to yourself or to loved ones.  If you are new to Trollbeads I want to explain that the free Trollbead or the 4th of the deal must be equal to or less than the lowest price bead of the 3 you are paying for.  So group your beads accordingly to make the most of the deal.  If you buy 3 $31.00 Trollbeads you are entitled to a free $31.00 bead or a $28.00 bead.  Another example would be if you purchase 2 Trollbeads at $63 and 1 at $31 you can only receive another $31 bead or a $28 bead free.  Plan your purchases now and plan them wisely.  We have new 2014 Catalogs available so if you are coming to the Fest you can get one or if you request one we can mail it to you!  This new catalog has everything as of this date and is a great book to have!!

 How to order on line during the event? On October 3rd - October 16th you will be able to take advantage of this offer by purchasing the first 3 beads and in the notes section at check out write the free bead(s) of your choice. 

One of the most exciting things about Trollbeads Fest! (besides all the glorious beads) is the comarderie between the collectors.  We have a number of attendees that have been to every one of the Fests and can't wait to renew their friendships each year.  Last year we were not able to commit to the large function hall we started at so we did a small scale Fest in our own gallery and everyone loved it!!  Less craziness but also less cost as I don't have to charge admission as I did when we held it at the event center.  Of course we don't have the large gift bag anymore but we do have free gifts for everyone that attends!!

Special Event Trollbeads This year we have been sent a beautiful group of glass Trollbeads that are called "event Trollbeads".  They are with a vine design or flower designs and we will be offering them on-line after Trollbeads Fest!  Below are the photos and we have mulitples of most of them. This is the first year where we have been offered so many beauties. Year's past we had one bead as an event bead!


Stemmed Flowers Event Troll





describe the image

Schedule for Trollbeads Fest! 2014

Friday: October 3rd 9:30 - 7:00 With a Wine and Cheese Event from 5:00 to 7:00.

2:00-6:00 Gail Crosman Moore glass bead making demonstration.  She returns for a full day on Saturday.

Lunch is offered between 12:00- 1:00.

The  Wine and Cheese events are fun because we donate great beads to a charity raffle and have fun watching the winners announced at the end. 

Saturday October 4th 9:30-5:00

Gail Crosman Moore will be here demonstrating her glass bead making.  Come see the flame work in process and see the finished beads.  You will also have a chance to buy some of her great beads that have a wild side to them!

Lunch is offered from 12:00-1:00


Trollbeads Fest Mug

Here is this year's free gift along your purchases!!  A mug filled with local cranberries covered in chocolate!! 

What is your excuse for not attending? We are on the South Coast of Massachusetts which is an hour south of Boston and 45 minuted East of Providence.  There are plenty of hotels around and where we have people coming from Europe and from all over the U.S. you can tell it is worth the trip!  New England in the Autumn is the most beautiful place...come for a visit!

Call for hotel suggestions! 888-758-3641

Attention: All Trollbeads Collectors NEW to Trollbeads Gallery


small Trollbeads Gallery Pu


As one of the longest active Trollbeads dealers in the United States I have been doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of thought processing over the changes that have occurred with Trollbeads over the last couple of years here in the US. We have all seen quite a few US dealers give up their dealerships and it's a very sad turn of events for the US collector and this is what I want to address. 

The U.S. jewelry market is constantly changing due to the average consumer's need for "new" and styles are constantly evolving from this need.  It is not the fault of anyone other than living in the 21st Century. How often do you turn on your computer and get bombarded with product images and ads?  Between banner ads, television, billboards, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we have become a society with a very short attention span and unfortunately our buying habits have become just as short. The "new" and the "latest" never last long in this society and the quality of these products don't tend to last either. You've heard of the term "throwaway society" and that is literally what constantly evolving trends promotes. Let me tell you one thing...this is exactly why Trollbeads is still the ultimate brand.

How many jewelry lines do you know where you can change your look with a simple redesign of your bracelet?  Even with competing brands like Pandora the look is always the same and that is why Pandora sales have dropped. One undeniable fact about Pandora is that the average Pandora wearer only has one bracelet and goes no further. Active Trollbeads collectors never stop at one and many have over a dozen.  Trollbeads offers new looks with each new collection and the quality of their designs and the variety of looks and materials assures that no matter the trends you too can change your look with Trollbeads. Look at the variety of sizes of the beads too!  If you like a chunky large bead look you can do it with the barrel style beads of the Gecko, Opposites and Flying Geese.  Or if you like a petite look there are many silver and glass beads that are small. That is not even addressing the most recent "X by Trollbeads" line with its cutting edge approach to creating your own look. Well I guess I have expressed how much I am still enthralled with Trollbeads and I trust you are too.  Why else would you be reading this?

The title of this blog was meant to attract new Trollbeads collectors to Trollbeads Gallery and this is for 2 purposes.  The first being I would love to offer more people my services but the second one being I want everyone to know how hard I work to offer you our excellent small store service through a website.  This is for all of you who have lost your local dealer or have lost a website you were comfortable with.  It's up to all of us to keep our collections valuable and our interest strong and I want to help you do this so if you don't know me or Trollbeads Gallery read on!

What does Trollbeads Gallery offer a Trollbeads Collector?

1.The best photos offered of Unique beads on any website!

2.We list new Unique beads daily on our site (no fighting over beads on Facebook)

3.We have a bead wish list I keep so if you are looking for a particular bead let me know and I will find it for you and contact you directly...I love the thrill of the hunt!

4.We have "Trollbeads With A Twist" which offers you photos of actual beads within the Trollbeads line so if you like to see the bead you are buying can!  If you haven't seen what we offer take a look! It is so fun to see how different beads can be from one to the other. Especially the Faceted stone beads.

5.We have many Retired Trollbeads in stock and we're proud to be able to offer you the selection we have!

6.Our excellent customer service is a huge benefit so please let us know if you need anything. We don't charge for shipping unless it is out of the country or expedited.

7.Our shipping manager, Penni is the most efficient person I have ever had the joy to work with and she will answer any questions for you about shipments. 

8.We host the largest Forum for Trollbeads collectors around the world! If you have ever ventured on to our Trollbeads Gallery Forum you know how much inspiration can be found and how many Trollbeads friendships have been made there!  Join us if you haven't! We have almost 4500 members from around the world and 27,000+ Trollbeads photos! 

9.We host Trollbeads Fest! each year with our 5th one coming up on October 3 & 4th. This is where many Trollbeads friends come together to see each other in person and get to choose from hundreds of fresh unique beads and dozens of fresh ideas.  We have a glass artist demonstrating glass bead making and offer you so much more. Our attendees come from all over the US and from Europe too! We will have "Buy 3 get 1 Free" at the event and on-line that weekend!  Photo below was from the  2011 Trollbeads with Trollbeads founder and designer Soren Nielsen.

Trollbeads Fest!

10.No other Trollbeads dealer has dedicated themselves to Trollbeads as I have. I am not  bragging but I am saying my life has been centered on Trollbeads and not many dealers can do this but I have great employees to carry my stores forward (without me) most of the time! Going on a decade now I have been shouting out with enthusiasm the Trollbeads word and I will never stop! I have been thinking about dealers that have given up the line and for whatever the reason I know they regret having to do so. How many brands can you put your heart and soul into and know the reasons are more than making money. They are for the joy of working with people and products you truly love.  How much better can it get?  I've watched the past dealers try to create a post-Trollbeads life for themselves and it saddens me. There are even past dealers offering to have copies of Trollbead made and that is the most flagrent act against Trollbeads, a brand they once supported. If I was a collector I would think how can a person who sold Trollbeads to me do something so harmful to a brand I once bought from them.  I think issues crop up between dealers and distributors at the local level and they forget about the reasons they represent the brand to begin with.

I have meandered on here and I should conclude by just reassuring my collectors that my heart is still strong for Trollbeads and I will do everything in my power to continue to spread the Trollbeads word keeping our collections valuable. So if you haven't purchased from us yet-try us out!  It will be worth it!

Louise Rogers

Trollbeads Gallery



describe the image

The photo above is a favorite of mine and it was taken at a Trollbeads event with the Trollbeads family. From left to right: Peter Aagaard, Isobel Aagaard, Lise Aagaard, Krista Rogers (my daughter in law) in front, me in back,Robin Aagaard, Alex Rogers (my son) and Nick Aagaard.

Vegas 2012 Louise Penni Car

Here are my two faithful Trollbeads employees, Carole and Penni with Lise and Peter after winning my Trollbeads Hero Award.  What an amazing night for everyone!


Trollbeads 2014 Autumn Release is Outstanding!


 Trollbeads Gallery 2014 Autumn Trollbeads


I always get excited when a new release comes out but this one has me beyond excited. This is an outstanding reminder of why we all collect the ultimate bead brand in the world and it is why I am so proud to be a dealer of such a fine brand. Trollbeads has an authentic spirituality and this is unseen in any other brand and there is beauty to the artistic philosophy that dictates its bead releases.  The 2014 Autumn Trollbeads release has everything from great new silver beads to outstanding glass including a whole kit of faceted glass beads.* There is a new lock and are two new leather bracelet colors. There are also two new Precious Stone beads adding to their already deep offerings of incredible natural stone beads on offer. They have even offered us two new Fantasy Chain pendants. The chain below has all new beads on it and the new lock,the Spiritual Temples Lock.

The entire collection is based on the Eastern meets Nordic themes.  Through out the collection you will find wonders of Eastern Spirituality and Northern Woodland delights. Encompassing the Nordic woodlands are two new animal beads the Fawn Trollbead and the Little Bear Trollbead.  Two great new members to the Trollbeads animal family.

Trollbeads Gallery Eastern Facet kit

The Eastern Facet Kit, shown here has a wealth of new looks for us with hidden treasures deep inside each glass bead.  The facets highlight the designs and show them to us through many tiny fractured surfaces. As with all the glass Trollbeads kits when you purchase glass beads in kit form you get a free bead.  So when you buy this kit of 6 beads the price is $280.  You will save $56.00 and all of these beads will be excellent additions to your collection! The other glass kit that has come out with this collection is the Northern Forest Kit.  If you purchase this kit you will save $34.00. The colors are rich and vibrant and will be fun to work with in so many Trollbeads designs.


The two new Precious Stone beads are definitely worth seeing and I can't decide now which one I will like better! The Brown/Yellow Chalcedony Faceted stone is organic and warm and each one will be totally unique.  This will be a great addition to my "Trollbeads With A Twist" category where I photograph and list each bead so you can see what you are buying!  The Lapis Lazuli Faceted stone bead is a rich blue and so many of us Trollbeads collectors love blue!  Definitely click on the link and see them!

Along the Eastern Spirituality theme the Trollbeads designers have given us two new Fantasy pendants and one that can be worn in two directions, up or down! As shown below! Look at the Giant Lotus Pendant and make sure it is on your "must have" list.  Look how creative you can get with this new Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace Pendant!  I am looking forward to experimenting with one when they come in!

2014 Autumn Fantasy small

Trollbeads Gallery Fantasy



NEW Free Gift WP & Sneak Peek Autumn 2014 Trollbeads


Trollbeads Gallery Case

Once again we have our special custom designed Trollbeads case in a high grade leather in stock.  It measures 4" x 1 1/2" and is just 3/4" high.  This handy size makes it fit in any purse of brief case so you have your beads handy.  We like to use it for the beads we need mates for or the beads you haven't yet placed on a bracelet and as you happen to visit your Trollbeads dealer you will have them handy!  A few years ago we had them as a gift at Trollbeads Fest and so many people have requested them that we arranged to have more made. 

I chose to release them now before the price increase so you can purchase beads at the lower prices and earn one of our lovely leather boxes!  A great gift for a fellow Trollbeads collector, a great keepsake and a handy way to travel with your beads.  To cover the cost of the cases we are asking for a $150 purchase for you to receive one free.  Trollbeads does not offer sales all the time so this way you are receiving a gift instead of a discount!  They will be available only as long as supplies last!

The images below are sneak peeks at the new Trollbeads release due out on September 5th! We are so excited by all of the beautiful glass beads and there are new clasps and silver beads with an Eastern theme.  Trollbeads continues to design and offer beads that have rich spiritual meaning and also beads that are just plain fun!  There will be two new animal beads a fawn and a squirrel bead!  We are also being offered 2 new stone beads and the great news about the stone beads is their price will remain at $63.00.  The new Lapis Lazuli bead is a rich blue bead and the Brown Yellow Calcedony is just as it sounds a rich yellow toned brown.There are many more beads to talk about but we need to keep something a surprise!


New Collection

Here is the Lapis Lasuli bead! 

Trollbeads Gallery lapis

"Lapis Lazuli brings matters more clearly to the mind. The stone is found in both eastern and western parts of the world."








Just a quick mention to say that I am blessed to be a dealer for Trollbeads, the best bead brand in the world.  I am also so lucky to have the customers I have and the friendships I have made in the Trollbeads World.  I have life-long friends I have met through my connection to Trollbeads and I am so grateful.  I am also grateful because we have so many great beads to look forward to and also a great new release coming from "X by Trollbeads" soon!  I am mentioning this because with another website closing I want to assure you I am going strong as are Trollbeads and I look forward to a great future with the brand and the people!

Thank you for your support and for your friendship.

Louise Rogers

The First Trollbeads Day Was a Great Success!


Trollbead Day Bead on Bangl

Our first Trollbeads Day is now a day behind us but the spirit of the day and the spirit of Trollbeads activities continues.  We had such a positive day celebrating the premier of all bead brands and cheered in the knowledge the future of Trollbeads looks exciting! Kicking off Trollbeads Day was the unveiling of a long awaited bead, The Trollbeads Day Bead!

I have been surfing through the internet looking at photos of the day and wish I has been able to photograph some of the activities but I am afraid we were short handed and I was one of the front sales people during the event and never got my camera out! As I mention on our Forum, Trollbeads Gallery Forum, I really regret not getting a photo of Penni as she was leaving for the Post Office with two bags full of orders!  We sold through well over 100 of the Trollbeads Day Bead and just hope we are getting more than the 25 I have one order!  TrollbeadsUS is apparently out of them.  I am so happy for all the collectors that was able to claim one.  It will be a historic bead and one that should be in everyone's collection.

The Initial Controversy:

When the beads first arrived I was tentative at best not knowing what the bead's meaning was.  If you don't know the story behind it and its wealth of tradition in the Trollbeads way it may seem a bit off-putting.  The description I received is below. When I was sent the description and the story I grew to love it as I love so many other of the "Troll"beads...(beads with Trolls).  Soren Nielsen who made the actual first Trollbead over 3 decades ago designed this bead to best reflect the spririt of Trollbeads and that he did!  The collectors that are particularly fond of this bead are what I call core-trollies.  The collectors that love the funky, the fantasy and the spirit of Trollbeads. At first I was thinking that this bead will separate the men from the boys in the Trollbeads world and by this I mean the true Trollies versus the people who love only pretty beads but I am thinking this doesn't give enough credit to the collectors that chose not to buy the bead.  We all have different styles, different perceptions and different ways to express ourselves and as with any Trollbeads either you love it or you don't!  It is that simple.  We only had a couple of cancellations after the pre-orders and for the quantity of orders we has that was very low.

I am interested in hearing about how it's been accepted in other countries and I hope that it has done as well around the globe!  Any feedback please let me know.

When I set out to photograph the bead for this blog my initial thought was to feature them on a Bangle but had to find a bead that would be as unique as the the Trollbeads Day bead and I chose a very special bead Lise Aaggarrd sent to me as a gift.  She knows I love sea glass and created a bead with a frosted surface, similar to sea glass.  Just a brief explanation of what  the top photo is. 

Now the photo below has a connection for me but it does look a little silly but every Trollbeads has meanings to each of us individually! Two years ago Soren came to our Trollbeads Fest and at the time came to my house.  We showed him my jewelry studio where I make sea glass jewelry and in my studio he saw my Antique Doll House and he got a kick out of it.  The tiny details must have spoken to his sense of miniature as he carves in miniature wax when he created a bead.  So I have the Trollbeads Day Bead sitting in a miniature antique Limoges bowl!  What a perfect blend of perfection...Limoges and Trollbeads.  I hope Soren will see this funny photo and enjoy the juxtaposition. It almost borders on bizarre as it looks like I am about to serve Troll stew but I kind of like it. Trolls love to have mischievous fun as I do!

Trollbeads Bowl"This is SO Trollbeads! It has trolls. It is from the very first designer of a Trollbead, Søren Nielsen. It has the emotions of Trollbeads. Intensity. Friendship. Joy. You choose which troll is which word. For this is what Trollbeads is all about: individuality, creativity and wonderful imagination."





Trollbeads Sale - One Week Down & One Week To Go


Trollbeads Gallery braceletJuly 7, 2014

The Trollbeads Collector Dream Sale has just completed its first week and it was a fast, fun and furious week at Trollbeads Gallery.  There have been such great buys and great choices by collectors taking advantage of 25% Discount and I've enjoyed seeing the beads people are scooping up!

There have always been bead retirements at Trollbeads which means in the many years Trollbeads has been around there are many,many retired beads the new collectors have missed out on while trying to purchase the current beads in the line.  This sale has given collectors the opportunity to catch up and buy the retired beads with a competitive edge.  The World Tour Beads are especially a wise purchase now.  We are sold out of some of them but have many styles left as we purchased a great amount when offered them this year. The Netherlands Orange Bead (Orange and Gold), The Hong Kong Skyline (dark blue & glitter) and the Mountain Crystal are all great beads to have and at only $23.25 make sure you have them in your collection.  The Mountain Crystal is a crackled stone bead in clear and white so it's a beautiful neutral bead easy to place on so many designs.  We also have the Frog Prince at a savings of $17.25 makes a large bead affordable at $51.75!  I have always loved the more textural silver beads from the World Tour Beads such as Van Gogh (a silver bouquet of sunflowers) and the Edelweiss from the Swiss collection.  I am reminding you of all these great beads so you don't have this opportunity slip by you.  We all get so busy in the Summer so make sure you check out all of categories!

First Week Best Sellers!

Sale Unique Beads- Of course this would be a best selling category as we have a lot listed in the older uniques because I have always had an enormous inventory of them and I am listing new ones every day.  We have made it quite simple with a category JUST for Sale Uniques!

Nightingale- A retired Gold and Silver bead and a great one to pick up know with a savings of $65.00 bringing it to $195.00. Check this bead out if haven't as the detail is stunning.

Joyful- This is a re-release of a retired bead and a limited edition release at that! A nice round bead with a happy attitude and the savings are $17 selling for $51.00.  I think the people buying this bead are adding a second one to their collection as it's a nice large round bead and adds a lot to every bracelet!

Endless Gold

Gold Beads- We are happy to report that both large and small Gold beads are selling.  They are a big reach for all of us to attain and the sale helps! They still remain a cherished part of the collection and while they are on sale -it's the time to jump.  We still have one retired Gold Scarab left and one Retired Gold Jugend and these are the largest of the gold beads.  The Gold Wisdom was someone's choice to be worn on a gold Bangle.  I know quite a few people who are very happy right now!

The Gold Endless (shown at the left) is a great buy right now as you can save $117.75. 

If you are reading the sale news for the first time I should mention that the sale is for all beads released before Autumn of 2013 but that leaves you with many choices!!

We have all heard there is going to be a price increase in August so now is the time to pick up those Trollbeads with a discount! Happy Shopping!

describe the imageIf you have any questions please call us Toll Free at 888-758-3641.

If you missed out on the small Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads we jsut got more in!  If you are interested give us a call!

Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads galleryClick here to purchase!  Tranquil Fantasy Bead

Trollbeads Collector's Dream Sale


Collectors Dream crop

The Trollbeads Collector Sale is slated to start on July 1 and go through July 15th.  This is a very exciting chance for Trollbeads collectors to pick up many, many beads at a 25% savings.  There has been nothing like it before and I am sure it will be a long time before it ever happens again!  I think since the Trollbeads Trunk Shows have been discontinued we have all been hoping for a sale like this one!

If you have particular retired beads you have been hoping to purchase I would advise emailing us to hold the bead until the sale as retired beads are not plentiful in quantity. We will start a bag with your selections and finalize the sale on July first!  It will be a very busy few weeks for us and the earlier you let us know your selections the better you will do!  On July 1st all the items on sale will come up on the site at 25% off.  No coupon code is necessary.

Not all beads are included so I am offering a list of inclusions and exclusions.  One of the inclusion is all Unique beads released before 2014.  Trollbeads Gallery has always kept a large inventory of unique beads so we will have a lot to offer you.  For our website that is all beads under the #8800 bead.  I will be adding older unique beads as the sale continues so make sure you check back.

What's On Sale?

The Collector’s Dream Sale Period: July 1 – July 15

Trollbeads sale product includes:
• All Beads including Uniques released not later than the Summer 2013 Collection
• All Retired beads
• All Earrings
• All Rings
• Starter Bracelet – Stories of You (we only have a few in stock)


The following items are excluded from the Collector’s Dream Sale.
• All Bangles
• All Fantasy Necklaces
• All Leather (bracelets and necklaces)
• All Bracelets (chains)
• All Necklaces (chains)
• All Locks
• All Stoppers
• 2013 Fall and 2013 Holiday Beads
• 2014 Releases and Uniques

In the meantime have a healthy and happy Summer and play safe!

Let the Collector's Dream Sale make your Summer!


Trollbeads "My Sweet Stories" Bracelets Is Out This Week & More!


Trollbeads Sweet Stories
We have enjoyed many releases from Trollbeads this Spring and on Friday we  can release the "My Sweet Stories" bracelet.  This release will give you 4 items for a price of only $109.00.  The new release comes with a chain, a lock exclusive to this release only and two beads exclusive to this release only too!  A fabulous new Sterling Heart bead and a lovely aqua/green bubble glass bead.  If you add up all of these items separately you will be up and over $165.00 so at only $109.00 it is a great deal!  If I have learned anything about Trollbeads in 2014 it's that when they say limited edition...they mean it!  I have plenty in stock but if you are thinking about it you might want to jump on it! Click on the link to see it!                          My Sweet Stories Bracelet

My Sweet Stories long


Besides this we have been very busy filling orders and trying to stay calm as we await each new release.  We have the Autumn release unveiling in mid August with a release date of mid September and then we can look forward to the People's Bead release and the Halloween release. 

I just had a report of great success at the Premier of all jewelry shows, the JCK in Las Vegas. I could not attend but I heard the Trollbeads booth had new and inventive displays and a lot of excitement around the possibilities of showing finished jewelry designs.  The efforts are so helpful to retailers looking for a new way to display and sell Trollbeads.

The New Uniques have been coming in with some wild and wonderful new designs and we are so excited by them!!  We still are getting the "small and beautiful" but we are also getting in beads that are "large and wild"!  Below is a line up what has come in and are now gone but we are eagerly waiting for more!!  We just can't seem to get enough in to keep me busy!!

Raised flower designs Frede

A new addition to our site!

If you aren't a frequent viewer of Trollbeads Gallery you may not know that I have listed my own creations...Dangles for bracelet chains.  I've been making jewelry for quite a few years and I have always made dangles for our customers at Rogers Gallery, our retail store, that would offer our Trollbeads collector something a bit more local and something Trollbeads may not have in the line.  Originally I made sea glass dangles with ocean or animal themed mini charms but now we have branched off with offereing mini artisan glass beads.  Scott Bouwens, the designer of the Trollbeads Rocky Beach Kit has been creating some wonderful mini beads for me to use on the Dangles.  We are expecting a whole new batch of them next week.  The bales are so small that I don't feel this competes with Trollbeads and for many who love the motion on their bracelets the dangles are a fun addition!  If you are missing anything you want that Trollbeads doesn't offer just let me know and I'll see what I can do! I keep some of the sold dangles on the site to you ideas of what can be done but you can also follow my Dangle Board on Pinterest! I am trying to keep a record there of what I have listed.

Below you can see an Amber Dangle,Yellow Sea Glass & Bee Dangle,Scott Bouwens blue bead and an aqua sea glass with Dog Bone dangle!

Trollbeads Gallery collage

Louise's Dangles on Pinterest    Louise's Sea Glass Dangles On Pinterest

Louise's Dangles On Trollbeads Gallery

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So Many New Trollbeads Releases!!



Bohemian Pendants RowIt has been a very busy time for Trollbeads with everything that has been introduced for this Spring and Summer. All of these exciting products can be seen and purchased on Trollbeads Gallery.

Where do I start?

The Bohemian Collection Pendants has added a great new set of silver pendants to use with the Sterling Silver chain necklaces.  (See above).There are 6 new designs and you can see all 6 above here.  They are designed to be easlily assembled with you glass beads to create very unique presentations so you are the designer! To celebrate the arrival of summer, Trollbeads will introduce the BOHEMIAN SUMMER collection on May 23, 2014.  The launch will include the debut of décor pendants. The collection will consist of six delicate pieces: Romance, Whale, Bohême, Poetry, Vintage and Flower Meadow. Romance is an oversized heart that can embrace a favorite glass bead, placing love right where it belongs – in the heart. A symbol of strength, whales are the graceful creature of the sea and this pendant is perfectly paired with summer blue glass beads. Bohême combines two gorgeous elements: flowers and hearts; intricate details make a statement on their own that are enhanced with ethereal glass beads. The Poetry pendant exquisitely captures the elegant beauty of a flower. Elaborate details are found on the Vintage pendant including a delicate garland with a majestic teardrop pearl. Three sweet blooming flowers come together on the Flower Meadow pendant to form a lovely bouquet enclosed by tiny leaves; the small size makes the pendant perfect for bracelets as well. These expertly-crafted pendants are the perfect way to create unique customized combinations.


My Sweet Starter Bracelet

Trollbeads introduces a new starter bracelet this summer, MY SWEET STORIES. This limited-edition sterling sliver piece features a stunning green glass bubbles bead, an elegant sterling heart, and a decorative clasp.  The translucent green bead is not only one of the most important colors of the summer season – it also symbolizes the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of Denmark. My Sweet Stories bracelet is the ideal Trollbeads starter bracelet as it’s universally-appealing, simple and stylish.

2014 Sparkling Bangle Verti

Another great release and priced to be a special with a savings of $37 are the Sparkling Bangles.  They come in the 5 Diamond Beads which is a Group 3 Glass bead at $63, a Bangle and 2 stoppers. The retail price for these sets is $236 but the special price is $199.00!

Even if you already have a bangle get another one as they are great when used in multiples!


 Along with these Trollbeads releases we also have ground breaking released from Trollbeads by "X"!  Besides the new links we also great cords!!  These can be used with all your X links!

Trollbeads Gallery X

The sterling silver FLOWER CLOUDS pendant, a standout piece in the X by Trollbeads collection, is reminiscent of Denmark’s national flower, the daisy. Daisies are symbolic in that they convey innocence, loyal love and Purity. Mix and match the versatile and playful FLOWER CLOUDS pendants together with iconic rubber X links to create a unique bouquet style necklace, one that is sure to make a statement. The light-weight link is versatile and can also easily be incorporated into any X by Trollbeads bracelet.  Or wear it with one of the three colors of NEW necklace cords.

Trollbeads Gallery Clouds B

The INFINITY is another new pendant in the X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection. The intricate sterling silver tri-cornered INFINITY symbolizes the philosophy that everything has three distinct, yet interlocking, levels – physical, mental and spiritual. The never-ending interlocked loops look simple, yet they represent an unbreakable bond. INFINITY can be creatively styled on the newly introduced ASIAN CORD collection (seen here with double X links in bronze). The ASIAN CORD collection is available in three lengths and in three summer colors including soft green, pink and black. For another personalized twist, string the INFINITY with rubber X links to create an edgier, unexpected combination.

Infinity collageThe X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection introduces the hauntingly beautiful BIRD SKULL pendant. Birds are the majestic and graceful creatures of the sky that symbolize beauty and freedom while the skull represents fearlessness and strength. This piece is the perfect combination of “pretty and tough.” The BIRD SKULL pendant can be paired with a variety of chains or an ASIAN CORD. Mix it with rubber X and double X links to create everything from choker styles to long, elegant necklaces. 

Bird Skull PendantBird Skull Model

We have a brand new color of Rubber Link! Ocean Blue!  Below we have it in a ready to wear bracelet. The Summer Ocean Bracelet is $105.


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The same bracelet completed in the black links and bronze links is just $75.00.  The "My Heart, Bronze" has just been released!  A classic black and golden tone bracelet is versatile and can be worn all year long!

XbT Starter Bracelet Bronze

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