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Trollbeads information that can inspire your creativity with your own Trollbeads collection. Share your thoughts, be involved and please leave comments!

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2015 People's Bead Contest, Easter Trollbeads & other News!!




Easter Trollbeads GalleryAnyone who has lost their local retailer recently and is worried about the future of Trollbeads...WORRY NO LONGER!  We have been inundated with new collectors and new customers at Trollbeads Gallery and have had conversations with Trollbeads that they are finding similar success.  So much so that the worldwide demand for the Mother's Day Rose and the Good Luck Bracelet has been out of stock! As much as Trollbeads International planned and as much as they created they could not keep up with the worldwide demand.  If you know me you know I can be like a Mother Lion if my customers can't get what they want so I had my dander up...much to the chagrin of the wonderful people at Trollbeads US. After I was told the situation I was a bit more understanding.  Then I sat back and realized what this all means and am so thrilled for Trollbeads that the action continues to the point of being sold out!  For those of you who have waited, fear not the beads and bracelets are on their way!

The NEW 2015 Easter Trollbeads will be shipping on this Friday and they are now on Trollbeads Gallery so go take a peek!  I was thrilled to see no new Bunnies and happy to see Dragon goodies! How great is the Trollbeads imagination??  A Dragon Egg so darn cute it has scales!  To me Trollbeads has always had an element of the fantastical -meaning fantasy, fairy tales and magic all rolled into beads and these new Dragon beads and lock do it for me!  I for one will be sporting them as I have a very sweet and meaningful Dragon thing with my grandson Asher.  When he was 4 I told him all about a little boy who discovered a Dragon Egg on our beach after a hurricane had blown all the sand out to sea.  The story would continue each time I saw him and it still brings a smile to my face.  Asher is now 13 so I don't know if he still feels the same way but I will tell you the first Trollbead he ever wanted was the Lucky Dragon and he wore him on a leather necklace!  Now you might be wondering how long can a dragon story go on but consider the issue of that child trying to bring a baby dragon home to Colorado on a plane. Asher's eyes got so big at this point I can still see him as he wondered if what I was telling him actually happened. He suggested he could sneak him on board in his back pack. I asked him "what would happen if he sneezed? It could start a fire!"  I know I have gone on a little long on our baby dragon but that is what Trollbeads is all about.  Creating a collection of beads that keeps your life's little stories as close to your heart as the big ones.

2015 Easter Eblast vs2

Don't forget you only have until March 19th to get a FREE Trollbeads bracelet when you order a clasp!!  Order your clasps here and save $46.00!!  We have had outstanding response so please do not miss out on this opportunity!

Last but not least a large image of Asher's Egg!  Otherwize known as the Dragon Egg!

11477 Dragon Egg aAnd once the egg was hatched....a baby Dinosaur!

describe the image

Get your pencils out and start designing your "People's Bead"!  The contest has begun and the details are below!

2015 Peoples Bead

March is a Big Month For Trollbeads!!


 Trollbeads Gallery Good Luck bracelet


As discussed in my last blog the brand new Starter Bracelet "Good Luck" will start shipping March 6th and it proves to be a very popular item!  We started offering them on Trollbeads Gallery on February 17th and the sales have been overwhelming!  With "Starter Bracelets" Trollbeads likes to offer a complete kit with chain, lock and both a silver bead and a glass bead at an enticing entry level price of $119.00. I think we all know many Trollbeads collectors love Ladybugs (judging from the demand of unique Ladybug beads!!) and one side of the "Good Luck" lock boasts a Ladybug!  With a starter bracelet the direction it takes is totally up to you!

If you are a new collector (and we have noticed there are lot of newbies lately) you may be thinking "But I already have a chain and lock."  Well I am here to tell you that almost all the collectors I know NEVER stop at one bracelet and having a chain waiting to be filled is like having a box of chocolates waiting to be eaten!! On our very popular forum for collectors, Trollbeads Gallery Forum, many people have upwards of 10 bracelets and climbing so you know they have all taken advantage of the bracelet specials!  Speaking of bracelet specials...there is a "Bracelet Special Event" coming up soon!!

On March 12-19 you can receive a free chain (a $46 value) when you purchase a lock of $56 or higher.  This is a favorite event of many collectors so get ready to indulge yourself!!  See information below!

Trollbeads Gallery Free Chain

Another March release that we are already enjoying is the "Party Time" bead.  The bead was created to honor Italy and was originally called "Festeggiamo" but in the U.S. it is the Party Time bead.  As you can see from our necklace design below it goes so well with many of the glass Trollbeads.  It had a harlequin design in blue and the other tones are soft pastel colors with minimal glitter.  Created as a limited edition is retails for $34.00.

Trollbeads Gallery party ti

Another small introduction!!  The Trollbeads Easter Release comes on March 20th!!!  An Easter Collection that is traditional and mystical all at the same time!  There is a fun new Dragon Lock, a new Tassel bead, an Easter Dragon bead and a Dragon Egg bead!  When it is closer to release I will write another blog with more details! It's always fun to see the world through the imagination of Trollbeads.

Trollbeads Gallery Easter Bracelet


Trollbeads next big special to start thinking about comes in April.  Many collectors look forward to this event and it is a great chance to catch up on new releases.  From April 10-16 you can purchase 3 beads and get a 4th free!  Make your list and get ready!!

PS: News on the "Mother's Day Rose"!  We have sold out twice now and TrollbeadsUS was out and had to re-order also but fear not we have them back in stock!! I am intriqued as many people who purchased one have come back to buy more!  It is a remarkable bead with deep red by the core and pink petals showing incredible visual depth.  I think it is one of those glass Trollbeads you have to see and hold before you realize its beauty. 

Happy Trolling for now!!

Two New Special Releases from Trollbeads!


2015 MothersDay Eblast vs2The 2015 Trollbeads Mother's Day Collection is now available and will start shipping on Friday, February 20th.  It has 3 new beads starting off with the stunning "Mother's Rose" a glass bead with delicate roses within the bead.  It shows the depth originally seen in the "Ageless Beauty" bead but in a light to medium pink and filled with soft petaled roses.  Roses are such a great flower to present on Mother's Day and why not do it with roses that will last forever?  The second bead "First Signs Bead" was released earlier as a gold bead but now we have it as a silver bead.  The detail in this bead is typical of all most all silver and gold Trollbeads.  The third bead in this Mother's Day Trio is the "Mother's Garden" a bead yet also a Fantasy Pendant that can be worn on either the Fantasy Necklaces or a bracelet as a bead fits within the "Mother's Garden".  The photo below shows how the "Mother's Garden" can be used on a Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with the "Mother's Rose" threaded inside the pendant.  The look is soft and feminine. The "Mother's Day Trollbeads Release" is always a bit early for Mother's Day in the U.S. but it is celebrated earlier in Europe!

Mother's Day Trollbeads Gallery


MOther's Day Trollbeads





The next release due out from Trollbeads is to be released on March 6th and is The Trollbeads Good Luck Starter Bracelet Kit. Just think of all the people you could give this great kit to! Anyone starting on a new endeavor-a new job, a new baby, a new marriage and most appropriate would be as a graduation gift!  At this date the starter bracelet is only available as a kit and includes a Trollbeads bracelet chain, a lavender glassflower bead, a silver bead and a GREAT new lock that has a Ladybug and a leaf on one site and flowers on the other!The details are indicative of all the designs we have enjoyed from Trollbeads for over 36 years. Just look at the great designs below.

Good Luck Straight.blogjpg

Because the silver bead and the lock both have intricate details I have provided more images to show the details!!

Good Luck flower sideSGood Luck RoundYou have to admit that 2015 is off to an awesome start!  It is only February as I write this and think of all the beads we have been blessed with in 2015! The Valentine's Day Release, the "Trollbeads by X" Valentine's Release, the Polished Fantasy Necklaces, the 2015 Spring New Horizons Collection and the Mother's Day Release , the Good Luck Starter Bracelet Kit and this isn't even mentioning all the great new Unique Trollbeads we have seen since the beginning of 2015!  Swans, Musical Notes and so many more!

2015 also happens to be my 10th Year selling and collecting Trollbeads and I have to admit it has been a wild and wonderful decade!!  More to follow! 

Valentine Trollbeads & the Polished Fantasy Necklace Update!


Valentine's TrollbeadsAs Valentine's Day quickly approaches I am showing you some of the beautiful beads Trollbeads released for 2015!  I have had them on my site but if you are a blog reader and not a site hunter than this is for you!  This year we have included all the heart and love related beads in one category so shopping or hunting is easier! Heart beads are not just for February 14th! Surround yourself with love all year! We have even included Unique Heart Beads!!  Please check out the category here:

Trollbeads 2015 Valentine Beads & Other Favorite Heart beads!


The "X by Trollbeads" Valentine Collection consists of 3 new links.  The hot Pink Rubber link has been outselling the two other colors of blue and red but the black is still the favorite!  The heart on the left is Rough Romance and on the right Blown Away .  As you can see from the finished bracelet the result is rich, contemporary and fun!  Now who doesn't need more fun in their life in Winter! 

Rough Romance XBlown Away Trollbeads

Rough Love TrollbeadsThe news about the Polished Fantasy Necklace is great!  Due to popular demand we are now offering the Polished Fantasy Necklace in 35" alone so besides the 3 specials we have right now, all offered with a Fantasy Pendant and a bead, you can purchase the

Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace in the polished silver for $164.00! 

Polished Fantasy Necklace

I have been busy familiarizing myself with the releases that are due out for Mother's Day and for Easter along with a "Good Luck" starter bracelet and will soon be writing a Trollbeads Gallery Blog about them!  In the meantime start your shopping list for our "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" special coming up on April 10-16.  I am very excitng about the year a head for Trollbeads and Trollbeads collectors around the world.

  If you haven't yet joined our Trollbeads Gallery Forum - do so now!! A great group of Trollbeads enthusiasts sharing their Trollbeads photos and stories from all around the globe. We would love you to join if you haven't yet and if you have please tell your Trollbeads friends about it! There are now over 28,000 photos there to inspire your love of Trollbeads!

The NEW 2015 Spring Trollbeads and Rings!


2015 Spring sm Fantasy crop
This new release is a very exciting addition to the Trollbeads line! I have so many favorites I don't know where to focus!  But just look as the new Fantasy Pendant Jewel of the Sea above!  It is delightful and it isn't the only new Fantasy Pendant!

An exciting new group of stone beads have been introduced and these are the Hematite beads. There are four colors available and they have a very unique shimmer that will add a whole new dimension to your Trollbeads bracelets and necklaces. Prices as the same as Glass 1 beads at $34.00 each.  Available in Yellow.  Blue, Green and Red (shown in order below).  They are all colors that will work well with so many other Trollbeads.  The Yellow has a golden glow to it!

Hematite Trollbeads Gallery

There are so many new silver Trollbeads you just have to go look at all of them.  This release introduces a whole new shape to a silver bead and that is the new conical beads which are wider at each end.  There are 3 new beads in this style.  They are great when used on a Fantasy Necklace too!  Silver Trollbeads Gallery


There is a total of 10 new glass beads in two new kits.  The Aqua Kit and The Delicate Kit.

Both are shown below.  There is one older bead included in each group, the Turquoise Ribbon and the Rose Ribbon.  Remember if you purchase a kit you will receive one free bead! 

Aqua Kit Trollbeads Gallery63054 Delicate Kit


The Spring Collection introduces new ring designs.  Our favorite is the new Aurora Ring.  So many collectors love all the Aurora based Trollbeads so having a ring to wear with this great look will make many happy! The glass has the same inner light that you find in the Aurora beads.  The glass stone is large and beautiful!!

Aurora Trollbeads RingThere are also two new Pearl Rings that have the same mounting as the Aurora Ring above.  A White Pearl Ring and a Light Grey Pearl Ring has also been introduced.  The 4th new ring is a nice thin silver band with a gold knot that floats around the band.  The Remember Me is very easy to wear.  When I first saw it I thought the gold would be stationary but it is not! It is a perfect ring to stack with others and so many people love the silver and gold combination.  The photo below shows all the rings together.

2015 Spring All RingsSo take a look for yourself and treat yourself to some new Trollbeads to "rush" Spring along! I know when I look at the new Aqua beads I think of Spring!  We are shipping now so jump on it!  2015 Spring Trollbeads Collection.

Trollbeads Sale Announced on Retired Beads, Rings & Earrings!


Trollbeads Gallery Gold Earrings

Greetings and Happy New Year from Trollbeads Gallery!

What a great way to start the New Year!  Thank you Trollbeads! The sale was announced by Trollbeads and it will start on Thursday January 8th and continue through January 16th.  Of course with retired beads the first you get there the happier you will be!  Once we sell out we will be out! This is a chance for you to pick up retired beads that you haven't had a chance or a reason to treat yourself to. Especially if you are a new collector take advantage of this sale and choose the beads your collection is crying out for!

The beads are a great place to start but Trollbeads rings and earrings will be on sale too.  We will be listing the rings we have in stock only and these will all be listed by the date of the sale...tomorrow! 

50601  Trollbeads Gallery

If you haven't started collecting any of the Earring components start now! All you have to do to start is to purchase the hooks and any earring component will work with them.  There are 3 hook styles available with the least expensive-all Sterling Hooks starting at $25.00 so with the 25% discount they will only be $18.75!  How can you resist this incredible price!  The silver hooks are a nice strong weight and have a shiny silver ball.  The 2nd choice is the silver hooks with a shiny gold ball and these are the Earring Hooks, Silver/Gold. They retail for $101.00 so they will be on sale for $75.75.  Which is a good entry price where you know Trollbeads gold means...solid gold.  The premier pair of Trollbeads Earring hooks is the Earring Hooks, Silver/Brilliant and these have besel set
 .o4 diamond at the end of each hook which makes the earring hooks twinkle! There are $110 and on sale they will be $82.50. I have featured them above!  Now the ULTIMATE pair of hooks from Trollbeads is the Gold/Brilliant Earring hooks!  Wow!  They retail for $373.00 and on sale they will be $279.75.  These are featured above!

The variety of components to use with your earring hooks are limitless.  You can also use 2 components/accessories together to create a very unique look!  Check out all the options here: Earring Accessories They are quite creative and so much fun to work with. The interchangeability is just like Trollbeads-switch out your earring accessories and have a whole new look!

Check out the photos below!  The two side images are the accessories and the middle image is the Snowflower accessories on the Earring hooks!

Trollbeads Gallery Earrings

Our sale items will be listed tomorrow on January 8th so get plotting your course for a great celebration of Trollbeads for 2015!

Great Bangle Special Continues as does FREE Gift!


Bangle new
We have seen many great individual specials offered by Trollbeads this year and to finish off the year they have created a Bangle offer to save collectors $74.00!!  It lasts until Decmber 31st.  While I have emailed and posted it on Facebook and Twitter I have not posted it here on my blog.  I blame this on it being December and I have 2 stores besides my Trollbeads website so I guess I just forgot!  If this is the way you get your Trollbeads information please excuse my oversight!

When you purchase a Silver Trollbeads Bangle you will recieve a free Group 1 Glass bead (a valuie of $34.00) and two free Stoppers.  The bead plus the Stoppers equal a combined savings of $74.00.  If you haven't purchased a bangle yet you have to!!  It is so easy to quickly change the beads with whatever you are wearing and go!  I am always 3 steps behind (I blame this on being an older retailer) and when I want to wear my bangle I have a bunch of loose beads in a bowl on my bureau and just pull three to match what I am wearing! Tada! A busy person's dream come true.  It's so much quicker than remaking a whole bracelet. So if you haven't tried one yet now is your chance! 

A FREE Gift with Purchase!

As many of you know I create dangles to be used on a Trollbeads bracelet.  They have a very small bale so they don't take up much room on a chain so I never felt it was in conflict with the Trollbeads brand.  It actually started because our local Massachusetts collectors wanted something local to add to their chains as our town Mattapoisett is a waterfront summer community so I created sea glass dangles as I make jewelry from sea glass.  This broadened and I expanded to make all sorts of dangles and with the demand I had I created a category on Trollbeads Gallery.  As Trollbeads US is making an effort to strengthan its brand it was requested we remove the dangles from the site.  I am in agreement with the decision so I have offered them as a free gift with a purchase -all in holiday themes.  I did this last year and it was a great success and I am doing it now.  So there is no longer a category listed on my site but we are offering them as a gift with purchase.  Our supplies are getting down there but we are still offering them.  When you purchase $150 of Trollbeads you can choose from the three I have made. The value of the dangles are $38.00.  I am still making all my dangles but I have not yet decided where to post them so until them just contact me directly if you have a request! 

On an interesting note as I was taking down the category on my website I researched what the most popular dangles were and they were the Bee Charm with yellow sea glass and the Dog Bone charm with blue sea glass!  It was fun for me to discover that!! Of course the dangles with the dog breeds were popular too and that must be because Trollbeads only has the one dog bead!


Christmas words Collage

We are looking forward to a very large and wonderful collection to come out with the Spring 2015 collection along with the new Valentine beads so stay tuned!!

Everyone at Trollbeads Gallery, Rogers Gallery and Surroundings wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year! 


Trollbeads Black Friday Specials Announced!


2014 Black Friday Special Banner
I made mention of the fact in the last blog that the Black Friday Specials were, for us anyway, a bit confusing and we had to take inventory and make the decisions on what we can offer you.  Trollbeads had presented to us a large number of possibilities but many of the included beads we just don't have. The sale begins on November 28 and continues through December 2.

To keep it simple for you we are offering two specials and one of those include both silver, gold and glass beads.  All of these beads were determined by Trollbeads. A group of glass beads chosen by Trollbeads will be up to 44% off.  The glass beads will be $19.00 and the selected silver beads will be a variety of prices also offering 44% off or thereabouts.  Trollbeads Gallery has the category all listed on the site but we can't show you the beads until Thursday, the 28th.Here is the link to the Black Friday Sale Beads.  We have limited stock of some of the retired beads listed so choose quickly!

The second special is a great one!  You can purchase 3 unique beads and get the 4th free. You will need to put all 4 beads in your cart but then write the code word FREEUNIQUE. The code will deduct $46.00 from your cart and that is your free bead.  With this system if you want to buy a second group of 4 you will need to start a new order and use the code again. I have been busy trying to list a lot of unique beads and will continue as long as they are selling and as long as the sale is on!

Unique Trollbeads    Christmas Unique Trollbeads

Our Holiday Unique Trollbeads are Listed & Upcoming Specials!


Red Holly 1119For nine years now Trollbeads Gallery has been offering holiday uniques with a great collection of unique Trollbeads we have saved for the entire year.  Our collectors look forward with anticipation for this time very year and this year we have REAL holiday unique beads!  For the first time ever Trollbeads has created a variety of unique beads explicitly for the holidays!  We have all enjoyed the limited edition kits for the last 5 years but these are actual uniques and they are fabulous!  The red holly bead above is just one of them along with the three below so rush on over to our site and see the rest!

Holiday Unique Beads

Holiday Bangle

We have specials on tap for next weekend including discounts on some retired beads and a few others I am still hearing about so if you are interested in finding out more sign up for our emails (I'll send one when I get the full story) or check on our site where we will have a Black Friday Weekend Special category!  It is 5 days long so don't let the word weekend throw you off! Sorry I don't have all the information for you but besides my website, forum and blog to keep up with -I also have two stores and at holiday time you can imagine how busy it can be. Tonight we are hosting a charity benefit at Rogers Gallery for a great local organization called Gifts to Give which helps 30,000+ children living in poverty in SE Massachusetts and when this is over I will dedicate myself to working out which specials we can offer you!  I have provided the website for the organization as it is a remarkable place where everyone partakes in charity and in providing educational outreach, clothing, support and it teaches local children how to give of themselves to help other children.  As you can see I am committed!!

I know a lot of you have been kind to comment on the loss of my dangles on Trollbeads Gallery.  I understand the request of Trollbeads to take them off and I will continue to make them so when I find a way to show and sell them again...I will let you know!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Louise Rogers

November Trollbeads Special & Ageless Beauty Bead


Trollbeads Gallery Holiday
October was a record breaking month for Trollbeads Gallery with the very special release of the 2014 Holiday Trollbeads which introduced the best glass Holiday Trollbeads Kits ever! We also had some new Halloween beads, earrings and a lock to spook you with! In addition to 4 glorious brand new gold beads which also added excitement as they are the only gold beads released in 2014.  Check out the Gold Love Art Collection. There is also a special when you buy a gold bead so check that out too!  Trollbeads Fest! 2014 was a very successful event and it coincided with the "Buy 3 get 1 free" special and so many took advantage of this.  Followed by the offering of our Special Event Beads on our website and we have continued to offer our customers great unique beads so the month was a great one!!!  In case you missed the Event Beads, which will not be offered again and were only available to retailers that held special events click on this link and see what we have!  The photo below is only one of the beads we have for you!! What a month!!

Special Event Trollbeads

Rust Vine Trollbeads 1029


So let's see what November has in store!  Beginning November 1st and ending on November 15th when you spend $100 on any Trollbeads order you are eligible for a free Trollbeads silver chain and simple lock and together that is a savings of $73.00!!! If you don't like the Double Lock, at Trollbeads Gallery we are offering a "switch out" if you prefer!  You can take the $27.00 off an upgraded lock (includes all other locks) or if you would prefer another chain you can take the $27.00 off the $46.00 chain. So anyway you look at it -it is a great special.  Who can't use another chain? I know most people like to keep a favorite bracelet "as is" and want to create more and not change a design so here is your way to get a free chain!

Trollbeads bracelet promo

New Releases in November:

describe the imageThe Ageless Beauty will start shipping on November 7th and although we ordered a huge amount of them we are pre-selling them at a pace I had not even imagined so order yours today! It is a country specific release celebrating the beautiful flowers of Japan. 

Earlier this year Trollbeads released the Wings of Freedom and it too was a country specific bead... for the USA! Do you have yours yet? If not buy it on November 1st along with the Ageless Beauty Trollbead and you will reach over $100 and you'll qualify for a free chain and lock!  Save $73.00!!!

New Releases for "X by Trollbeads":

The 2014 Holiday "X by Trollbeads"  While we already have the NEW 2014 Holiday X items listed the ship date is November 5th.  Along with these new releases we have 3 great finished bracelets at a good savings for you.  Many people have enjoyed "getting to know" the X line by purchasing a finished bracelet first and then once they get the concept they continue by adding a variety of links and changing out the rubber links with special links of their choice!

Red Rubber X w Bronze Star  This is the new Bronze Red Star Bracelet now available to purchase on Trollbeads Gallery for only $75!!  There are some very cool new links including the red rubber link ($2.00 each) and the new Red Asian Cord. The Asian cords work well with the pendant style X links such as Infinity and the brand new Visible Path.

Flash of Light

My new favorite link is the Flash of Light! (Above) It reminds me of the Trollbeads Berry beads which always add a great eye catching texture to every bracelet I use it on.  The little beads are shiny and just as eye catching as the Berry!  Let us know what your favorite new link is!!

So go and look through all we have to offer you and just in case you are new to Trollbeads and to Trollbeads Gallery click on the link for a great experience with shopping for Trollbeads. If you are new you may also want to check out the largest on-line forum for Trollbeads...

Trollbeads Gallery Forum = a whole lot of Trollbeads inspiration and information!!

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