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Trollbeads information that can inspire your creativity with your own Trollbeads collection. Share your thoughts, be involved and please leave comments!

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Trollbeads Sale - One Week Down & One Week To Go


Trollbeads Gallery braceletJuly 7, 2014

The Trollbeads Collector Dream Sale has just completed its first week and it was a fast, fun and furious week at Trollbeads Gallery.  There have been such great buys and great choices by collectors taking advantage of 25% Discount and I've enjoyed seeing the beads people are scooping up!

There have always been bead retirements at Trollbeads which means in the many years Trollbeads has been around there are many,many retired beads the new collectors have missed out on while trying to purchase the current beads in the line.  This sale has given collectors the opportunity to catch up and buy the retired beads with a competitive edge.  The World Tour Beads are especially a wise purchase now.  We are sold out of some of them but have many styles left as we purchased a great amount when offered them this year. The Netherlands Orange Bead (Orange and Gold), The Hong Kong Skyline (dark blue & glitter) and the Mountain Crystal are all great beads to have and at only $23.25 make sure you have them in your collection.  The Mountain Crystal is a crackled stone bead in clear and white so it's a beautiful neutral bead easy to place on so many designs.  We also have the Frog Prince at a savings of $17.25 makes a large bead affordable at $51.75!  I have always loved the more textural silver beads from the World Tour Beads such as Van Gogh (a silver bouquet of sunflowers) and the Edelweiss from the Swiss collection.  I am reminding you of all these great beads so you don't have this opportunity slip by you.  We all get so busy in the Summer so make sure you check out all of categories!

First Week Best Sellers!

Sale Unique Beads- Of course this would be a best selling category as we have a lot listed in the older uniques because I have always had an enormous inventory of them and I am listing new ones every day.  We have made it quite simple with a category JUST for Sale Uniques!

Nightingale- A retired Gold and Silver bead and a great one to pick up know with a savings of $65.00 bringing it to $195.00. Check this bead out if haven't as the detail is stunning.

Joyful- This is a re-release of a retired bead and a limited edition release at that! A nice round bead with a happy attitude and the savings are $17 selling for $51.00.  I think the people buying this bead are adding a second one to their collection as it's a nice large round bead and adds a lot to every bracelet!

Endless Gold

Gold Beads- We are happy to report that both large and small Gold beads are selling.  They are a big reach for all of us to attain and the sale helps! They still remain a cherished part of the collection and while they are on sale -it's the time to jump.  We still have one retired Gold Scarab left and one Retired Gold Jugend and these are the largest of the gold beads.  The Gold Wisdom was someone's choice to be worn on a gold Bangle.  I know quite a few people who are very happy right now!

The Gold Endless (shown at the left) is a great buy right now as you can save $117.75. 

If you are reading the sale news for the first time I should mention that the sale is for all beads released before Autumn of 2013 but that leaves you with many choices!!

We have all heard there is going to be a price increase in August so now is the time to pick up those Trollbeads with a discount! Happy Shopping!

describe the imageIf you have any questions please call us Toll Free at 888-758-3641.

If you missed out on the small Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads we jsut got more in!  If you are interested give us a call!

Tranquil Fantasy Trollbeads galleryClick here to purchase!  Tranquil Fantasy Bead

Trollbeads Collector's Dream Sale


Collectors Dream crop

The Trollbeads Collector Sale is slated to start on July 1 and go through July 15th.  This is a very exciting chance for Trollbeads collectors to pick up many, many beads at a 25% savings.  There has been nothing like it before and I am sure it will be a long time before it ever happens again!  I think since the Trollbeads Trunk Shows have been discontinued we have all been hoping for a sale like this one!

If you have particular retired beads you have been hoping to purchase I would advise emailing us to hold the bead until the sale as retired beads are not plentiful in quantity. We will start a bag with your selections and finalize the sale on July first!  It will be a very busy few weeks for us and the earlier you let us know your selections the better you will do!  On July 1st all the items on sale will come up on the site at 25% off.  No coupon code is necessary.

Not all beads are included so I am offering a list of inclusions and exclusions.  One of the inclusion is all Unique beads released before 2014.  Trollbeads Gallery has always kept a large inventory of unique beads so we will have a lot to offer you.  For our website that is all beads under the #8800 bead.  I will be adding older unique beads as the sale continues so make sure you check back.

What's On Sale?

The Collector’s Dream Sale Period: July 1 – July 15

Trollbeads sale product includes:
• All Beads including Uniques released not later than the Summer 2013 Collection
• All Retired beads
• All Earrings
• All Rings
• Starter Bracelet – Stories of You (we only have a few in stock)


The following items are excluded from the Collector’s Dream Sale.
• All Bangles
• All Fantasy Necklaces
• All Leather (bracelets and necklaces)
• All Bracelets (chains)
• All Necklaces (chains)
• All Locks
• All Stoppers
• 2013 Fall and 2013 Holiday Beads
• 2014 Releases and Uniques

In the meantime have a healthy and happy Summer and play safe!

Let the Collector's Dream Sale make your Summer!


Trollbeads "My Sweet Stories" Bracelets Is Out This Week & More!


Trollbeads Sweet Stories
We have enjoyed many releases from Trollbeads this Spring and on Friday we  can release the "My Sweet Stories" bracelet.  This release will give you 4 items for a price of only $109.00.  The new release comes with a chain, a lock exclusive to this release only and two beads exclusive to this release only too!  A fabulous new Sterling Heart bead and a lovely aqua/green bubble glass bead.  If you add up all of these items separately you will be up and over $165.00 so at only $109.00 it is a great deal!  If I have learned anything about Trollbeads in 2014 it's that when they say limited edition...they mean it!  I have plenty in stock but if you are thinking about it you might want to jump on it! Click on the link to see it!                          My Sweet Stories Bracelet

My Sweet Stories long


Besides this we have been very busy filling orders and trying to stay calm as we await each new release.  We have the Autumn release unveiling in mid August with a release date of mid September and then we can look forward to the People's Bead release and the Halloween release. 

I just had a report of great success at the Premier of all jewelry shows, the JCK in Las Vegas. I could not attend but I heard the Trollbeads booth had new and inventive displays and a lot of excitement around the possibilities of showing finished jewelry designs.  The efforts are so helpful to retailers looking for a new way to display and sell Trollbeads.

The New Uniques have been coming in with some wild and wonderful new designs and we are so excited by them!!  We still are getting the "small and beautiful" but we are also getting in beads that are "large and wild"!  Below is a line up what has come in and are now gone but we are eagerly waiting for more!!  We just can't seem to get enough in to keep me busy!!

Raised flower designs Frede

A new addition to our site!

If you aren't a frequent viewer of Trollbeads Gallery you may not know that I have listed my own creations...Dangles for bracelet chains.  I've been making jewelry for quite a few years and I have always made dangles for our customers at Rogers Gallery, our retail store, that would offer our Trollbeads collector something a bit more local and something Trollbeads may not have in the line.  Originally I made sea glass dangles with ocean or animal themed mini charms but now we have branched off with offereing mini artisan glass beads.  Scott Bouwens, the designer of the Trollbeads Rocky Beach Kit has been creating some wonderful mini beads for me to use on the Dangles.  We are expecting a whole new batch of them next week.  The bales are so small that I don't feel this competes with Trollbeads and for many who love the motion on their bracelets the dangles are a fun addition!  If you are missing anything you want that Trollbeads doesn't offer just let me know and I'll see what I can do! I keep some of the sold dangles on the site to you ideas of what can be done but you can also follow my Dangle Board on Pinterest! I am trying to keep a record there of what I have listed.

Below you can see an Amber Dangle,Yellow Sea Glass & Bee Dangle,Scott Bouwens blue bead and an aqua sea glass with Dog Bone dangle!

Trollbeads Gallery collage

Louise's Dangles on Pinterest    Louise's Sea Glass Dangles On Pinterest

Louise's Dangles On Trollbeads Gallery

Happy Trolling for now and go enjoy that beautiful Spring weather!! 

So Many New Trollbeads Releases!!



Bohemian Pendants RowIt has been a very busy time for Trollbeads with everything that has been introduced for this Spring and Summer. All of these exciting products can be seen and purchased on Trollbeads Gallery.

Where do I start?

The Bohemian Collection Pendants has added a great new set of silver pendants to use with the Sterling Silver chain necklaces.  (See above).There are 6 new designs and you can see all 6 above here.  They are designed to be easlily assembled with you glass beads to create very unique presentations so you are the designer! To celebrate the arrival of summer, Trollbeads will introduce the BOHEMIAN SUMMER collection on May 23, 2014.  The launch will include the debut of décor pendants. The collection will consist of six delicate pieces: Romance, Whale, Bohême, Poetry, Vintage and Flower Meadow. Romance is an oversized heart that can embrace a favorite glass bead, placing love right where it belongs – in the heart. A symbol of strength, whales are the graceful creature of the sea and this pendant is perfectly paired with summer blue glass beads. Bohême combines two gorgeous elements: flowers and hearts; intricate details make a statement on their own that are enhanced with ethereal glass beads. The Poetry pendant exquisitely captures the elegant beauty of a flower. Elaborate details are found on the Vintage pendant including a delicate garland with a majestic teardrop pearl. Three sweet blooming flowers come together on the Flower Meadow pendant to form a lovely bouquet enclosed by tiny leaves; the small size makes the pendant perfect for bracelets as well. These expertly-crafted pendants are the perfect way to create unique customized combinations.


My Sweet Starter Bracelet

Trollbeads introduces a new starter bracelet this summer, MY SWEET STORIES. This limited-edition sterling sliver piece features a stunning green glass bubbles bead, an elegant sterling heart, and a decorative clasp.  The translucent green bead is not only one of the most important colors of the summer season – it also symbolizes the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of Denmark. My Sweet Stories bracelet is the ideal Trollbeads starter bracelet as it’s universally-appealing, simple and stylish.

2014 Sparkling Bangle Verti

Another great release and priced to be a special with a savings of $37 are the Sparkling Bangles.  They come in the 5 Diamond Beads which is a Group 3 Glass bead at $63, a Bangle and 2 stoppers. The retail price for these sets is $236 but the special price is $199.00!

Even if you already have a bangle get another one as they are great when used in multiples!


 Along with these Trollbeads releases we also have ground breaking released from Trollbeads by "X"!  Besides the new links we also great cords!!  These can be used with all your X links!

Trollbeads Gallery X

The sterling silver FLOWER CLOUDS pendant, a standout piece in the X by Trollbeads collection, is reminiscent of Denmark’s national flower, the daisy. Daisies are symbolic in that they convey innocence, loyal love and Purity. Mix and match the versatile and playful FLOWER CLOUDS pendants together with iconic rubber X links to create a unique bouquet style necklace, one that is sure to make a statement. The light-weight link is versatile and can also easily be incorporated into any X by Trollbeads bracelet.  Or wear it with one of the three colors of NEW necklace cords.

Trollbeads Gallery Clouds B

The INFINITY is another new pendant in the X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection. The intricate sterling silver tri-cornered INFINITY symbolizes the philosophy that everything has three distinct, yet interlocking, levels – physical, mental and spiritual. The never-ending interlocked loops look simple, yet they represent an unbreakable bond. INFINITY can be creatively styled on the newly introduced ASIAN CORD collection (seen here with double X links in bronze). The ASIAN CORD collection is available in three lengths and in three summer colors including soft green, pink and black. For another personalized twist, string the INFINITY with rubber X links to create an edgier, unexpected combination.

Infinity collageThe X by Trollbeads Necklace Collection introduces the hauntingly beautiful BIRD SKULL pendant. Birds are the majestic and graceful creatures of the sky that symbolize beauty and freedom while the skull represents fearlessness and strength. This piece is the perfect combination of “pretty and tough.” The BIRD SKULL pendant can be paired with a variety of chains or an ASIAN CORD. Mix it with rubber X and double X links to create everything from choker styles to long, elegant necklaces. 

Bird Skull PendantBird Skull Model

We have a brand new color of Rubber Link! Ocean Blue!  Below we have it in a ready to wear bracelet. The Summer Ocean Bracelet is $105.


 describe the image



The same bracelet completed in the black links and bronze links is just $75.00.  The "My Heart, Bronze" has just been released!  A classic black and golden tone bracelet is versatile and can be worn all year long!

XbT Starter Bracelet Bronze

Trollbeads Gallery is Back on Top!









If you know me and know the way I conduct my business you know that being the #1 Retailer in the United States is not all that important to me but if by claiming this position I am saying thank you to every customer who has ordered from me then I raise my hand! I have all of you to thank for it and for this purpose alone I will announce it and feel all the gratitude for you, the collectors.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart as everyone at Trollbeads Gallery does. 

If you know me you also know I work on my website and on spreading the word of Trollbeads 7 days a week and between 8 hours to 12 hours a day.  It's been my life for 8 years and it's my life by choice because I truly love Trollbeads.  It was 5 years ago at the first Trollbeads Fest we held, that the director from the then Trollbeads distributor announced I was the top retailer in the U.S. and to this day I can remember the cheers that broke out and I remember feeling the pride coming from my dedication to the brand and not from my ego.

Sometime last year, after 4 years at the top, I lost my position as the top retailer by another retailer who purchased more inventory than they needed. Apparently just to become number one and once they did they had this posted everywhere.  On their site, their Facebook page and everywhere in between.  It didn't bother me as I knew by the way I conduct my business and by the way I support Trollbeads, I was still doing my best.  Best for myself, best by my customers and best by Trollbeads. If you are wondering how I figured they over bought inventory to become #1 I know because just recently they had a 40% unauthorized sale on their Trollbeads because as they said themselves "to reduce inventory."  Now I have nothing against a retailer doing what they must to stay in business but when it hurts the brand I have been supporting with years of my time, when it hurts the value of all of our collections and when it gives them a large step up above all other retailers who play by the rules...than I do hold it against them. I am only human.

In my mind I am happy Trollbeads Gallery is #1 again but it means nothing if being #1 is only based on the quantity purchased from Trollbeads.  So much more goes into it and the grace with which a retailer conducts their business which in turn reflects the best on Trollbeads is what I feel is the most important.

Here's to looking forward to the next large release which is coming out very soon!! Yeah!Don't forget that Mother's Day is quickly coming up and there is no better way to tell your mother how you feel than through Trollbeads.  The Mother's Day 2014 Trollbeads collection.

* I took this photo quite a few years back when these beads came out.  From left to right they are the Violet Flower, Golden Quartz and the Azure Bubbles.

Trollbeads Gallery Touching Base!



2014 Cherry Blossom LE Clos

It's true I haven't written a blog article in a while so I thought I would make a list of things to know right now in the world of Trollbeads. There are some ongoing specials right now I want to remind you about and also to remind you about the new Trollbeads that have come out just recently!

Trollbeads Specials and Deals!

1. Receive a free Trollbeads Chain (a value of $46.00) when you purchase a Decorative Clasp. S decorative clasp included all clasps except the "Double Clasp". Ends April 15th.

2. Receive any free Trollbeads Leather Bracelet when you purchase a Decorative Clasp. Ends April 15th.

3. Receive 2 free Trollbeads Stoppers (a value of $40.00) when you purchase a Trollbeads Silver Bangle or a Trollbeads Gold Filled Bangle! Ends April 15th.

4. Discover the designer within you with our "X by Trollbeads" Special! Continued until the end of April!!  Purchase $100 of "X" product and receive 10 FREE Rubber links.  This is a perfect chance to start your "X" collection.  There is so much you can do with this new Trollbeads line and it sits so well next to a Trollbeads bracelet.  It's a natural companion!

Trollbeads Releases!

The Mother's Day release brought us 3 new beads. The Daylight happens to be my favorite and if you follow me on Google+ or on Pinterest you will have seen me posting images of in on a Bangle Bracelet with smaller beads positioned on either side of it.  I love the design that lets the daylight through the bead!

describe the imageDaylight Trollbeads Gallery

The Easter Release

For the past 3 years we have seen a new Easter Egg tassel set and the set for 2014 is a beautiful set.  Three colors that welcome in Spring, green, lavender and a green/yellow egg. Along with the kit of Eggs came a very sweet Easter Bunny Trollbead.


describe the image




The Cherry Blossom Collection

Tomorrow is the first day for shipping (or buying in a store) the Cherry Blossom Collection. The collection includes the beads and the Emerald Fantasy Necklace shown in the photo at the top of this blog. This is the only Fantasy Necklace that has the CHerry blossom design as the bale of the piece holding the stone to the chain and it has great detail.  The Fantasy Necklace only comes in two sizes, 31" and 35" which are the most popular selling sizes in the other two Fantasy Necklaces offered by Trollbeads.  The "Cherry Blossom" Fantasy Pendant has the three holes with allows you to "split" a Fantasy chain, again as seen above.  When you split a Fantasy Chain you will need to use a Trollbeads clasp to fasten it to your neck.  Look at the fine detail of the cherry blossoms in this design as they are sculptural and delightful to look at.   FInishing up the Cherry Blossom release is the new Emerald earring components.  Another great addition to the Earring line and a great color to wear for Spring and Summer!  If you haven't purchased the earring components before you will need to buy a pair of Trollbeads Earring Hooks to thread the Emerald discs on.

The Small and Beautiful Unique Trollbeads!

If you haven't noticed the 2014 "Small and Beautiful" unique beads that hit the market in February you must not be looking for unique beads.  Trollbeads Galllery has had hundreds of them and they are smashing!  I am bringing them up here because with the 2013 version of the "Small and Beautiful" unique beads they were here and then they were gone!  Do you remember this?  I hope we have some kind of warning this time but they are wonderful and fairly plentiful right now so load up!  I have been adding them to my website daily.  Just keep in mind they are small scale. If you look at the pink beads on either side of the Daylight bead (above on the bangle) that is what the scale is like.  If you don't see what you want on the site just email me and ask! New this year we have had Octopus, Whales, Peace Sign, Starfish and others that have delighted us all!

Additions to our Trollbeads With A Twist!

We recently added past years Easter Eggs and our Egg Basket is almost empty!  The Eggs from 2012 and 2013 are the just about the last Eggs we have.  So check them out if you haven't collected all of your eggs yet!  Trollbeads With A Twist.


That's all I know right now but I can tell you we are looking forward to the 2014 Summer release and I've heard it is a great one with surprizes for everyone.

Exciting Year at Trollbeads Means Keeping it all Straight!


Spring Release Trollbeads Gallery

If you are a committed Trollbeads collector you have had a very busy 2014 thus far and hold on to you hats…it's only going to continue!

The year began with the 2014 Spring introduction on January 3rd.  I say “introduction” because if you haven’t been paying close attention there is a new way of introducing beads and that is to first introduce the beads and then to release them for shipping and at a future date. You can purchase them earlier then the ship date but you can't be shipped until the ship date.  It’s a new trend to take the pressure away from trying to hide them from public viewing before the release date which was too hard and not worth the effort.  So now dealers get to show the beads in advance. Keeping the schedule in mind is not easy so I will create a chart to have at the end of this blog within a day or two.  The Spring release has been a very successful launch with many of the new glass kits being purchased more than the individual beads as all 6 beads are gorgeous.  As most of you know when you buy a kit you get a free bead as you only pay for 5.  The new Swan bead, Falcon bead and the new Rabbit beads have the detail of earlier animal beads leaving cuteness out of the equation so they have been very well received.

Mothers Day Trollbeads Gallery

On February 7 we say the introduction the 2014 Mother’s Day Collection with a shipping date of March 21st.  The glass bead is a ground breaking design for Trollbeads as it is a multi-color glass bead yet it is faceted.  Along with the glass bead the two silver beads have a fanciful appeal and the earring components resemble the silver beads.


Animal Trollbeads Gallery

Late January we started seeing a new look to the classic uniques that were coming in and they included the opaque animal print beads, shown above.  They came in roughly 2 colors, one on a white background and the second in a dark yellow/orange. The other beads of this group were some great new heart beads including multi colors of glitter. We were all loving these uniques when all of sudden they stopped coming in but what came next was the newest release of small and beautiful beads!  This craze has its origin in the delightful designs and details including their small scale and the use of blue glitter.  This is the second wave of these beads to come in and the last wave was in 2013. 

Small and Beautiful collage 317

March 7 was the introduction of two new collections.  The Easter Collection has a new kit of sensational Eggs and a new sterling Bunny.  Until I saw the image of the bunny from the front I was not excited about another Bunny but the paws of this one reminds me a children’s Easter book I was once enamored with but it was too long ago for me to remember the title but it still brought back my love of it.  The shipping date is March 28. 

describe the image

  The second collection introduced on March 7 was the Cherry Blossom Collection.  This group includes a very exciting and stunning new Fantasy Necklace with an emerald which is being held by a pretty sterling Cherry Blossom bale.  This is the first time the bale has been unique to the Fantasy Necklace design.  There is also a new Cherry Blossom Pendant bead which can be used with all of the Fantasy Necklaces.  Like the new bale it is textural and eye catching.  The group is also accompanied by a pair of Emerald Earring Components.   The Emerald Faceted Stone Bead was released with the 2014 Spring beads and it’s glorious soft green tone with its gentle patterned fissures has been a hit so we are all thrilled to see the Emerals used again in this collection.   The Cherry blossom group will be shipping on April 11.

2014 Banner Cherry Blossom LE Clos

Stay tuned for a date release chart you can print out and pin or pin to your Pinterst Board!

In the midst of all these releases there was also a release of "X" by Trollbeads and the introduction was on Feb 12 with a shipping date of Feb 26.  The Hummingbird is one of my favorites along with the Poppy Decadence.  Our group of X collectors have been growing steadily with a great jump coming from the Special event now running!  If you spend $100 on any X links you will be given 10 FREE Rubber links.  So if you have been waiting to jump on board it's a great time!  Our special ends on April 15th! 

BloomXBite NEW X

2014 Release Schedule    
Collection Introduction Date Shipping and On Sale Date
Spring Release  January 3  January 24
Mother's Day  February 7  March 21
Easter  February 7  March 28
Cherry Blossom  March 7  April 11



Lost your local dealer & want to see your Trollbeads before you buy?

Trollbeads Gallery Stone Beads

Discover “Trollbeads with a Twist” on Trollbeads Gallery.  We have had this category on our site for a few years now and the people who do know about it check it out often and find great beads. We are always listing new beads there. Our Trollbeads with a twist was originally created to showcase for sale Trollbeads that are different from bead to bead. It now includes retired beads as it's so important to see a rare retired bead before you want to invest in it. It is always standard Trollbeads (not the unique Trollbeads)and they are the beads that are always different.  There are many beads that have these individual features from Azure Bubbles to Blue Desert not to mention so many others.  For our customers it has become a handy way to buy standard Trollbeads with actually seeing them before they buy them!  If you haven’t discovered the offerings yet check them out and if any of the beads are sold, fear not as I said I list new beads all the time. It is an exclusive offering on Trollbeads Gallery and a labor of love for me. Trollbeads Gallery With A Twist

As you can see from the photo of the Faceted Stone beads above we also highlight these beads because with the natural stones there can be enormous differences in bead to bead.  Sometimes our Golden Quartz can be so light they resemble yellow diamonds and the Aventurine (before they were retired) came in so dark they looked like dark green emeralds. From Left to right above there are Ruby, Retired Aventurine, Golden Quartz and Amazonite. When you look at the category you'll have fun seeing how many I have featured of each.  The Amethyst we now have listed is the 51st one we've offered on Trollbeads With a Twist.

Our largest selling bead in the twist category has been the Azure Bubbles and at the time of this writing we have listed 121!  The image below is a sample on how much they can differ. It may sound crazy but I look forward to my Azure Bubble deliveries as much as my unique bead deliveries because I love to fine the most unique versions I can to offer on my site.

Azure Bubbles Trollbeads Ga


Another favorite Trollbead we have featured since the beginning is the Grey Wolf.  It has been retired and there are not many left but I always loved picking out the beads I would feature in Trollbeads With A Twist.  Sometimes the design would actually look like fur and sometimes the design would have finely defined lines like perfect pinstripes.  The images below give you an idea of how the Grey Wolf would change from bead to bead.

Grey Wolf Trollbeads Galler
There are only some Trollbeads that lend themselves to this treatment as there are many that are consistant from bead to bead that I don't include.  The more constant designs like White Bubbles, Silver Pink Trace and actually all the trace beads, Peach Bubbles, Black Bubbles and Scarlet Bud (not to name all of them but you get the idea) don't change as much and don't excite me enough to photograph them as I do the others.

One kit of beads that came out a couple of years ago that have proven to change bead to bead is the "Rocky Road Kit".  Those beads are very unique yet is subtle ways.  The tones are generally plum but can come through blue to neutral and that's when I like to show them but even when the are the standard plum the depth of color can change. Check out the Fossils beads that have all been offered on Trollbeads With A Twist.  I adore the details in this Trollbead but until I started photographing them did I come to appreciate the nuances of each bead.

Fossils Trollbeads GalleryI understand that buying Trollbeads from a photo is still not as good as seeing them in person but when you don't have a local dealer near you this is a good compromise. You are seeing the bead you will get if purchased. Please know that if you want to ever have me photograph a stick of beads so you can choose that way I am more than happy to do it.  Just ask!  Below is a stick of Pebbles Trollbeads from the Rocky Beach Kit.  Remarkable uniqueness in each bead but they are all Pebbles Trollbeads!  Now for the fun of it click on the link and see what the stock image is like!  We are given these from Trollbeads.  Not nearly as organic and lovely as they are in the photo below.Trollbeads Gallery 322 Pebb

The Negative Effect Ebay & Counterfeiting has on Trollbeads


Mothers Day Trollbeads Gallery


In the years I have sold Trollbeads as an authorized dealer I have been well aware of the counterfeit Trollbeads being sold on Ebay. I have written about the situation in the past and at this point I feel very strongly I need to address it once more.  Before writing this blog I read various reports and posts about the negative effects all counterfeiting has on brands and it is very troublesome to me that so many collectors still choose to buy their Trollbeads from unknown sources through Ebay.  If I can do anything for you the collector and for Trollbeads to help inform you of the situation I want to do it.  If you don’t want to take my word on the negative effects counterfeiting has on a brand please go to the links I have at the end of this blog and read some of the research. For those of you who do shop on Ebay and may save a few dollars in the short run, in the long run you lose so much more including faith and respect for a brand... when in actuality they have nothing to do with your perceptions.

Counterfeiting is illegal and it's running rampant in the bead world. Counterfeiting is one of the first steps of destroying a brand.  This is true for a variety of reasons.  You would think the obvious reason is the brand loses sales because consumers are buying from the counterfeit sellers but there are actually many negative effects beyond the obvious. The most important one is the gradual degradation of the brand.  Think of it.  If you purchase beads from the counterfeiter sellers on Ebay and are led to believe they are authentic Trollbeads and you are unhappy with the quality, it’s the brand that gets the black eye.  Not the counterfeiter and not the seller.  The perceived value of any company is lowered when this occurs.   If you are wondering how someone can make beads look so much like Trollbeads let me tell you.  There are numerous companies in China that can copy any product, any packaging and any brand logo out there.  In one of the articles I read there is somewhere around 17 “LaCoste” manufacturers in China so take that a step further and imagine how much easier it is to mold beads than it is to sew clothes and stay up with seasonal fashion changes.  As a dealer of Trollbeads I get promotional emails monthly from Chinese companies saying they can copy Trollbeads, Pandora etc. at a fraction of the cost and would I like to purchase from them?  Not only do they claim it but they also offer to send me free samples to prove it. It was estimated in one report that China is responsible for 60% of all counterfeit products.  So why do I drag Ebay in on this?  Because it is the only market place for these beads to be sold and they sell thousands.  I have purchased various beads through the years for research and with some I can tell the difference with the naked eye but there were some I could not tell the difference without clloser examination. That is scary because if I can’t tell how can the average collector make the call? 

This brings me to a comment that came in as a response to my last article, “My thoughts on the State of Trollbeads.”   I didn’t publish the comment as I did all the others and I'm grateful I didn’t as it would have been detrimental to Trollbeads because after all was said and done it ended up being a complaint about a counterfeit Trollbead! This consumer wrote she purchased a Daisy bead from an “official TB dealer” and went on about her dissatisfaction with the quality of the bead and perhaps that this is the problem with the current state of Trollbeads.  I have seen absolutely no down turn in quality so after reading her comment I reached out to her to ask her why she didn’t send the Daisy bead back to the retailer to make it right as she owed it to them and to Trollbeads to do so and I wanted her to be satisfied with her purchase. She responded that she couldn’t because she had purchased it on Ebay.  So this goes to point out just how damaging counterfeits are. Even though she was told by a jeweler that the gold area  was a wash (Trollbeads have solid 18K Gold) she still thought she had an Authentic Trollbead.  She explained that she thought that she was safe because the dealer has a 100% rating.  On one of my investigative purchases when I knew the beads to be fake I wrote to the Ebay dealer and told him that I knew he sold me counterfeit Trollbeads and I wanted to return them and get my money back.  I was then informed that if I gave them a 100% positive rating I would get my money back and I didn’t even need to return the beads.  I forfeited the money and threw out the beads and gave a bad rating but who wouldn’t go for the refund thus supporting this false rating system?  The rating system on Ebay has NO merit so don’t make your purchasing decision based on that.  I am not publishing this woman’s comment here to show how she was “taken” but to illustrate just how consumers can be led to believe something is real when it isn’t and to illustrate that although Trollbeads had nothing to do with this transaction or the bead, they were hurt.  This is just one example so take this experience and multiply by thousands and you can see how the brand is hurt that many times over.

Her comment: "I'm writing to explain my own personal feelings about buying TB because I am frustrated. I’ve only been a TB buyer for a couple of years – my girlfriend has an amazing collection and I fell in love. Money is tight for me so I don’t have a large collection. But I had some extra money last May and decided to splurge on the “Triple Daisy”. I had to order online because there are no dealers in my area, but they were an official TB retailer. When it arrived I was put off a bit - I didn’t swoon over it like I had my girlfriend’s bead. Something was amiss. I ran over to my girlfriend’s and we compared both beads side by side (her TD is several years older). Well, they weigh the same and the LAA stamping is the same. But her daisies are much more detailed than mine, more “cupped”. Mine are flat like plates. Around the edges of each daisy, where it should look like two daisies lying one on top of the other, her petals are very distinct, while mine look thick and stuck together. Her bead is carefully antiqued while mine has only a "spill" of antiquing on part of one daisy. Hers is very finely finished and polished - every tiny little anther is easily distinguished, despite being worn daily. Conversely, on my brand new bead, my daisy centers are criss-crossed lines through a lump of metal. Although my bead has some polishing on the inside (where the chain goes), there are still heavy tool markings and it’s black, as if all the antiquing ran into there. I sent photos to Trollbeads, and Lasse was kind enough to reply, but his response was not what I expected. He said he could not confirm authenticity and suggested I have a metallurgical test done. He made no comment on the workmanship. I took it to my jeweler who confirmed it is real silver with a gold wash over the daisy centers. But he wasn't impressed with the workmanship and couldn't believe what I paid for it."  

I wish I could say this was the only story like this I have heard but sadly it is not.

So consider this my first step, on a grassroots level, to help Trollbeads. (refer to my last blog) I have illustrated with this one situation and if you care about Trollbeads and want to be sure you are buying Trollbeads, purchase ONLY from Authentic Trollbeads dealers.  It’s time to clean up the marketplace one bead at a time. In 2009 the former FBI chief of organized crime was quoted as saying that counterfeiting will become the crime of the 21st Century.*

*Please note I have refrained from writing on this issue before this because I know there are valid collector/sellers on Ebay and didn't want to hurt their efforts. I feel the immediate detriment to Trollbeads from these bad dealers is large enough to warrant this all out appeal. Stay away from the large Ebay dealers.

Louise Rogers

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My Thoughts on the State of Trollbeads


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Someone has to speak up.  I guess where I have been an unofficial spokesperson for Trollbeads in the U.S. (the company’s view anyway) for as many years as I have been a dealer it is up to me. I want to talk about the current state of Trollbeads, what I see happening  and what I would like to hear from you.

First of all let me explain why I am writing this.  It has come to my attention and to the attention of Trollbeads collectors across the country that a number of retailers are considering discontinuing the purchasing of Trollbeads in their store or already have.  I have had a variety of people question me as to why and are asking me what my thoughts are.  My thoughts are only about the initial problem as I see it. 

One thing I truly believe is that Trollbeads is by far a superior product to any other bead brand on the market today but that doesn’t make any difference at all when a retailer needs to sell to survive.  Pretty much all the retailers I have spoken to admit it’s the best product in its field.   It’s the original brand and it’s by far more artistic and a better made bead than anything else out there.  So the issue for these retailers is not lack of quality. The issue is its lack of recognition in a market so drowning in bead companies that it’s difficult for the consumer to recognize the difference.  Many retailers have been upset that Trollbeads has not been investing enough money in national advertising but they don’t understand the problem in advertising and it’s a huge one.  It goes beyond any basic conceptions you as consumers or retailers may have about advertising.

Consumers are being bombarded by so many ads and media coming at them from all sources and they retain only what was initially put in their minds. First impressions last far longer than you think.  It was bad enough that Pandora copied the Trollbeads add-a-bead concept but what added more to the issue was that Pandora was the first to enter the U.S. market and it brought the concept to the American mind/conscious in a huge and enormously successful way.   As I mentioned above Trollbeads retailers are unhappy with Trollbeads for not spending more on national advertising but Trollbeads invested millions of dollars in national advertising in 2011 and a significant portion of the ads were attributed to Pandora and not to Trollbeads.  So in essence you could say that millions dollars of Trollbeads money went to promoting Pandora.  I experienced this phenomena myself when I had a large Trollbeads digital billboard placed on an interstate highway near my gallery.  I can’t tell you how many people said to me “Oh, I saw your Pandora ad on the highway”.   (Of course those were people that didn’t know me well or they’d know my passion.)   Most retailers and consumers believe that advertising works but in this case it didn’t and doesn’t.  As a dealer I persevered and wanted to believe that one day people who don’t yet know Trollbeads would get the picture.  But they haven’t yet and I want to figure out why and try to work past it because in my heart I know Trollbeads deserves to continue to succeed as a brand here in the U.S.  Compared to Goliath Pandora, a mega multi-national conglomerate, Trollbeads is a small family owned company and call me a Pollyanna how can you not want the “little guys” to succeed?

I have serious collectors and dealers that subscribe to this blog and I have often been so grateful for the insightful wisdom left in the comments after I have written a blog.  The comments may be positive or they may be negative but it’s the shared passion we have that brings all of us better insight.  Trollbeads U.S. needs your help and advice but it is me asking.  We all love the brand and we want the value of our collections to remain strong so let’s work together and figure out a way to conquer this problem of getting the Trollbeads word out there.   A side note here, on the application to join our Trollbeads Gallery Forum I ask a question to everyone and that is “Do you like to share your love of Trollbeads or do you keep it to yourself?”  I think about 50% of the answers come in as “Keep it as a secret”.  How funny is it that we don’t want to share something we love for fear of what?  For fear of losing great beads to people you’ve shared it with?  It’s time to open up and share your passion! 

While I am confident Trollbeads U.S. has plans in place to work through this issue we should try to add our ideas to the effort. How can we work together to help spread the word in a grass roots effort to share our love of a brand so humble in all that it does beyond developing exquisite beads year after year,  more important one that continues to do humanitarian works by creating factories and partnering with communities around the globe in dire need of employment.   How can you not want to help figure this out for Trollbeads, for the people who are benefitting from their humanitarian efforts and for your own Trollbeads collection?

I may be asking for too much but I want to thank you for reading this article and for any input you may have.

This is not the place to air your negative thoughts and complaints.  I work hard to support a brand I believe in so if you need to complain write me directly.  This is meant to be a contructive blog.

PLEASE NOTE: When you leave any helpful ideas or comments they don't become visible until I approve them so it may take a few moments.

Louise Rogers
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